Michael Weinstein is a prominent attorney in the South Florida metro area. He has experience in both state and federal courts in criminal defense and various other forms of litigation. He maintains an office in downtown Fort Lauderdale right near the local courthouses, where he has worked on countless cases over the years. His ties to the local community and state are strong, as he previously studied law at Nova Southeastern University in Davie and political science at the University of Florida in Gainesville. Michael has resided in Palm Beach County with his wife and daughter for the last 13 years. He has received numerous awards and accolades over the years for his exceptional level of skill and dedication in the courtroom. 

The campaign and the opportunity to make Florida a better place

Mr. Weinstein is currently looking for your support as he is looking to continue his service to other Floridians, and take the next step as a public servant by serving in the State House District 81. This is the district where his family resides. 

Michael believes that in these politically charged and turbulent times, he will represent the Democratic party well in the state legislature. His voice will be one that seeks to protect the people he represents and put their interests first. He has the integrity to accomplish goals that will make South Florida a better place for everyone. 

Michael’s platform to lead Florida into the future

The first part of Michael’s platform is related to conquering the current pandemic. In order for local residents to feel safe and continue with the normal lives, the coronavirus needs to be managed more effectively to the point where it is not a factor in our daily planning. He plans on working with both scientists and economists to ensure that we emerge successfully and we are better prepared for future disasters. 

Jobs and good wages are also an essential part of Florida’s economy, and necessary for people to pursue their dreams and support their families. Michael envisions a future for Florida where people have social mobility based on merit and the opportunity to succeed through continuous education and training in their fields of work. 

Florida also has a beautiful natural environment and resources that need to be protected by the government to provide recreation and good health to future generations.

Get involved with the campaign and provide help

Michael Weinstein needs your vote and support. His district extends from parts of Broward and Palm Beach all the way up to the Lake Okeechobee area. Because of the diversity of individuals that he would represent, it is important that your voice is heard. You can visit the campaign’s Facebook page to learn more and voice your concerns. It is possible to make a donation and find other ways to support Mr. Weinsten. 

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