Michael Weinstein is running against Kelly Skidmore to represent Florida House District 81.  Weinstein was born in Georgia and has lived in Florida for most of his life. He currently works privately as a criminal defense lawyer in Delray Beach.

Michael Weinstein comes from a family of Democrats and well-known politicians. His grandfather, Moses Weinstein, was chairman of the Queens Democratic Party, and his father, Peter Weinstein, was a former state senator and Chief Judge in Broward County. His brother also worked under President Barrack Obama.

Background and Qualifications

Weinstein is currently a Florida Bar Certified Attorney and was previously an Assistant State Attorney. He has actively been involved in community service including being an Appointee of the Military Academy Board Nominating Committee, and a volunteer at the Jordan Ogman Foundation and the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

He has associations with the Florida Bar, Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and Nova Southeastern University Alumni Association amongst others.

What does Michael Weinstein have in plan?

Just like in any other political face-off, the main question arises as to what the candidate intends on doing for the community, what ideology do they promote, and what changes and promises are they bringing to the table. The main point of elections is to ensure that new changes are brought to the community and there are greater chances of justice being served.

Michael Weinstein says he believes the community and law enforcement officials should work together. He does not support the idea of the police force losing their funding, but rather, he promotes the idea of encouraging Citizen Review Boards and special training for police officers to help create trust between the community and law enforcement personnel.

Weinstein was accused by the opposing party of not having the potential to speak up for women’s rights because he has represented male abusers in the past, however, he strongly speaks out against this claim. He states that in his current work as a lawyer he works with victims of domestic violence regularly. Not only that, but he also mentions that he was a prosecutor for five years and during that time, he put multiple abusers in jail for the abuse they committed towards women.

Michael Weinstein intends to keep social services running and place a special focus on the unemployment system-which he feels like needs a lot of work- even when the required fiscal cuts are made to get the economy running smoothly again. He further does not support the statewide school reopening plan as he believes it is the school board’s decision whether they decide to go forward with opening schools or leaving them closed based on the risk of COVID-19 in their area.

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