When multiple individuals are competing for the same political position, one or more parties may resort to negative campaigning as a way to shed light on their opponents’ weaknesses or flaws. While many assume this will help to boost their image, hence, making them the more appealing candidate, this method doesn’t always work, especially when the weaknesses or flaws they point out are invalid. It appears an opponent of Michael Weinstein, who is the Democratic candidate for State House District 81 in Florida, has decided to use negative campaigning to her advantage, although the claims she has made against Weinstein lack validity.

According to an article published by The Palm Beach Post, Kelly Skidmore, Weinstein’s opponent, used mailers to convince the public that “he would be a poor advocate for women because he has defended men accused of domestic violence.” While Michael Weinstein currently works as a Florida criminal defense attorney in private practice in Delray Beach, FL, he “represents victims of domestic violence in restraining order cases.” Not only does Mr. Weinstein give back to his community through the legal services he offers, but he also worked as a prosecutor for five years where “[he] put people in jail for committing crimes against women.


Mr. Weinstein Says He is Dismayed by Skidmore’s Mailers

When asked about the mailers Skidmore sent out, Mr. Weinstein responded by saying, “I think that my opponent has gone directly in the gutter to run her campaign.” He also said “I’m the only lifelong Democrat in the race. So this piece is straight out of Donald Trump’s playbook.”


What makes Michael Weinstein the Best Choice for House District 81?

Michael Weinstein isn’t your typical candidate for House District 81. Instead, he is someone who lives in the community he is looking to represent and bring positive change to. Mr. Weinstein not only comes from a family of Democratic leaders who spent the majority of their lives giving back to others, but he is also someone who isn’t afraid to stand up for what he believes in. Michael Weinstein’s mother “dedicated her life to helping children and those less fortunate,” and his father, Senator Peter Weinstein, “helped lead the fight for the Equal Rights Amendment in Tallahassee as a Florida Senator.”

Mr. Weinstein is the only candidate who lives in District 81 and has vowed to address many of the issues the public would like to see resolved. From police reform to the broken unemployment system to public school concerns, Mr. Weinstein is ready to dedicate himself to his state and community and bring about the change District 81 needs and deserves.


If you are ready to join the hundreds of District 81 residents who have already endorsed Mr. Weinstein for State House, you can do so now by clicking here.

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