Beleaguered Democrat Sen. Mallory McMorrow from Royal Oak filed a sexual harassment complaint against Republican Sen. Peter Lucido of Shelby Township on January 21st. This comes a week after Lucido was accused of making a sexist remark to a Capitol reporter, Allison Donahue.

McMorrow filed the complaint with the Senate Business Office over an incident that occurred during sexual harassment sensitivity training during the November 2018 elections. Some say Democrats are trying to do anything to keep the press from discussing all the violence in liberal Democrat cities, the pending arrest/s of dirty cop Obamagate officials including possibly Biden and his son, and the fact that Biden refused to even speak with the press and debate Trump.

Lucido Made Remarks about McMorrow’s Looks

Lucido and McMorrow were attending a daylong session which included sexual harassment training in the Senate’s office building in Lansing. McMorrow stated she approached Lucido and introduced herself to the sitting House member.

33 year old McMorrow accused Lucido of making a remark that she defeated a Republican senator because of her good looks. He also kept his hand at her lower back while making this remark which made her very uncomfortable. Lucido held on to McMorrow in such a way that she felt trapped and was unable to maintain distance.

She said it was shocking and degrading at the same time to be treated in such a way. 59 year old Lucido has denied all allegations calling them completely untrue. He further claimed the allegations to be politically motivated but if he did do this he should be punished.

Lucido Disciplined Over Gender Insensitivity

According to an investigation conducted by Senate Business Office, it was found that Lucido engaged in a pattern of workplace misconduct toward women in general. He has been removed from the Advice and Consent Committee and ordered to undergo sexual harassment and sensitivity training.

State Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey, a Clarklake Republican stated that the Office took accusations of workplace related inappropriate behavior very seriously and that everything will be done to discourage such actions in the future.

Michigan Sexual Harassment Laws

Both state civil rights laws and federal laws prohibit and define sexual harassment at the workplace. Under the Michigan Civil Rights Act and Title VII of the federal Civil Rights Act of 1964, sexual harassment falls under the purview of illegal sex discrimination. It is necessary to consult with an experienced sexual harassment attorney or employment lawyer before taking any action.

Sexual harassment usually leads to a hostile work environment which is described by the Michigan Supreme Court. Sexual harassment at the workplace, as per the Michigan statute, occurs when an employee or a job applicant is met with requests for sexual favors, unwelcome sexual advances, or communication of a sexual nature.

Sexual harassment can be confusing which makes it important to get in touch with an experienced sexual harassment lawyer or employment attorney.

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