Migrant women accuse Georgia ICE nurse of sexual assault

At least four migrant women have come forward to accuse a male nurse at the ICE Stewart Detention Center in Lumpkin, Georgia, of sexual assault. According to the complaint filed last month with the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties, the male nurse abused his position to coerce the women “into giving him access to private parts of their body without medical justification or need.” All the incidents described took place in the second half of 2021 and early 2022.

The pattern is the same in all the incidents. The nurse, whose name has not been made public, would take the woman to an examination room where they would be alone. He told them he spoke Spanish so they wouldn’t need an interpreter. No matter the medical issues the women had, the man forced them to lift their shirts and lower their pants. He proceeded to fondle their breasts under the guise of listening to their heart. In one incident, the man forced the woman to touch his penis. 

When the women reported the incidents to ICE staff, they were threatened with lengthy prison sentences for their ‘lies’. 

The deadliest immigration jail

The ICE Stewart Detention Center in Lumpkin opened in 2006 and in the years since it has been plagued by persistent and pervasive human rights abuses, to the point that it became known as the “deadliest immigration jail.” It is also a very profitable business. 

Stewart is one of the largest immigration detention centers in the US and it is run by the private company CoreCivic. In 2016, Stewart brought CoreCivic $38 million in profits.

Over the past decade, the ICE facility has been targeted in various lawsuits on charges such as wrongful death, insufficient medical care, or involuntary and abusive forced labor. Also, many of those detained there complained they were prevented from getting legal counsel. 

CoreCivic has denied all allegations of sexual abuse. Documents show that the male nurse was briefly reassigned to the segregation unit at Stewart, but is now once again providing care to the general population.

How to help an immigrant locked in an ICE detention center

If you have reason to believe someone you love has been picked up by the ICE, your priority is to locate the center where they are held. It is advisable to contact an experienced Atlanta immigration lawyer as time is of the essence here. 

Once the migrant has been located, you or your lawyer can talk to their deportation officer, who is in charge of the case. You need to ask the deportation officer whether the ICE has set a bond. This bond is similar to the bail used in criminal cases. Once the bond is paid, the migrant is released from detention and their lawyers can focus on finding a deportation defense strategy

Also, if the migrant has a medical condition, the lawyer will make sure your loved one gets the treatment he or she needs. 

If you need help finding someone in an ICE detention center, schedule an appointment with a trustworthy lawyer at Kuck | Baxter Immigration LLC in Atlanta or their South Georgia office.

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Source: Southern Poverty Law Center

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