One of the first financial blows a person will have to confront after getting into a car accident is their insurance. The good news is their insurance will only go up if they were the ones who were at fault for the accident. Anyone who gets into a serious accident will need to take extra measures to prove the other party was at fault, so they do not end up facing an uncalled-for raise in their insurance.

Every insurance policy is different, but the general rule of thumb calls that if a person is at least 20% at fault for the collision, their insurer will raise their monthly premium.

Naturally, no one wants to commit to paying extra alongside dealing with their injuries and other financial losses and that is why an accident claim needs to be put in as soon as possible to prevent legal matters from spiraling out of control.

Giving a prompt legal response also gives a person more time to build their case before the expiration of their statute of limitations and it also increases their chances of gathering a firm amount of time-sensitive evidence that may have been impossible to attain if the action was taken on a later date.

The most important fact to consider when making a claim is negligence. The driver must prove the other driver acted negligently and that this act of irresponsibility resulted in them facing significant financial harm. The more evidence a person can collect, the higher the chances will be of having their case heard. Photos, medical records, and witness statements are all an essential part of the process and can help a person with their case.

Who pays for medical bills after a car accident in Minneapolis, MN?

When a person gets into a car accident, the no-fault auto insurance policy kicks in and a person’s insurer must pay for the damages, but only up to a certain amount. If the total amount is much higher than expected and the other driver behaved in a grossly negligent way, a person may be able to sue them for the damages they faced.

A person will need legal help with the process to ensure they are not taken advantage of by the insurance adjuster and to make sure the other driver does not unfairly file a complaint against them or try to prevent them from getting their settlement.

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