Minnesota Dentist is Another to Come Forward and Sue Their Insurer Over Their Denied Business Interruption Claim

While Minnesota courtrooms have grown usually quiet after the state suspended most proceedings, except for those that are considered to be high priority cases, insurance claims attorneys are hearing a lot of noise from business owners in the state. Why? Because insurance companies in Minnesota are denying business owners the coverage they are due for their COVID-19 losses.

Business owners in various states say they spend hundreds and even thousands of thousands of dollars a year on their business interruption insurance, yet their carriers are denying them coverage after their business operations were disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. While some insurers say they are denying claims because the policies they sell do not cover things like viruses, bacteria, or pandemics, others claim they do not cover losses incurred when a business is forced by the government to shut down.


Business Owners Fight Back Against Denied Business Interruption Claims


Although insurers in Minnesota thought they successfully dismissed claims filed for COVID-19 losses, business owners quickly fired back with lawsuits. According to the Insurance Journal, “a Minnesota dentist, an Ohio bridal shop and a New York pizzeria are among six small businesses that are the latest to sue insurers seeking compensation for business interruption claims due to the coronavirus crisis.”

The source says that the lawsuits, which are all class actions, have been filed against Aspen American Insurance, Auto-Owners Insurance, Lloyd’s of London, Society Insurance, Oregon Mutual Insurance, and Topa Insurance Co. The lawsuits all “claim that the businesses purchased business income insurance coverage, which promises to pay for losses due to necessary suspension of operations.” The insurance lawyers hired to represent the plaintiffs say “these coverages either included or did not expressly or effectively exclude losses caused by viruses such as COVID-19.”

As the days go on, more and more business owners are stepping up and filing lawsuits against their insurers who say they don’t want to pay COVID-19 claims.


How does a business owner file a lawsuit against their insurance company that doesn’t want to cover their business interruption claim?


If you own a business in Minnesota and you believe your insurer acted unfairly when it denied your business interruption claim filed for COVID-19 losses, you should contact a Minnesota insurance claim denial attorney for legal advice. Filing a lawsuit isn’t exactly easy, especially during times like these when many other businesses are wanting to take similar action against their insurers. Therefore, if you think your insurer wrongfully denied your COVID-19 claim and you would like to find how you can file suit against your insurer, contact USAttorneys.com. USAttorneys.com can place you in touch with some of the best insurance claim denial lawyers in Minnesota who would be happy to help you.

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