It is relatively common for large trucks to be seen on the road in Mississippi as the state has such a large logging industry. Since there are so many trucks, truck accidents are also relatively common. All drivers on the road should take every precaution to make sure they are not increasing their chances of getting into an accident.

Following traffic laws and driving while properly rested and in good health are good steps to take to prevent the risk of getting into a collision. However, no matter how safely a person treads, there is still a significant chance that they can get into a truck accident.

After a truck accident, a person should avoid three major mistakes. The first mistake to avoid is to call one’s insurer without legal help. When drivers do this, they do it with the logic that they will get their settlement faster if they do not involve an attorney.

This often backfires as insurers are known for giving a lower initial offer when the claim is made without legal assistance. A lawyer can compel the insurance company to offer a higher settlement by using the truck accident laws that are specific to Mississippi.  Secondly, a person should not feel pressured to accept the first offer given by the insurer. After looking at the specific details of their case and looking through the truck accident rules with their attorney, they can give a counteroffer until an appropriate decision is made.

The third most common mistake that should be avoided after a truck accident is the discussion of liability. A person should try their best not to discuss who is liable for the collision. This means they should avoid speaking excessively or giving away extra information to the other drivers and the police officers as well. It is best to call one’s lawyer first and then after getting their expert advice, they should go forward with the required investigation.

What should I do if I make the mistake of calling my insurer before my lawyer?

If a person accidentally calls their insurer right after the collision, they still have a chance of winning a fair settlement. If they have not signed any paperwork with their insurer, they can still safely give a counteroffer without being legally bound to accept the first offer. It is always a good idea to connect with a lawyer as early on as possible to increase the chances of getting compensated quickly, and to reduce the overall time it will take for them to get their final settlement.

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