Mississippi nursing homes have a history of code violations and poor conditions

A number of nursing home facilities in Mississippi were found to have violated safety guidelines by a federal oversight agency. 

Report details hundreds of problems in Mississippi’s facilities

The report released by the federal agency stated that out of the 20 homes that were inspected throughout the state of Mississippi, every single one of them had at least one violation. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services further found that the state’s annual inspections were insufficient to discover similar violations and problems. These problems were attributed to shortfalls in budgets that were meant to provide enough money and resources to prevent the homes from falling into neglect and disrepair. There were not enough auditors working, and employees and inspectors in the facilities were often not trained sufficiently.

The inspections found a total of 194 health and safety violations and 564 issues that indicated non-compliance. These statistics will be given to the Office of the Inspector General. Some of the violations detailed in the report were related to toxic substances in common areas, exposed wires, water damage and mold in rooms, unsanitary food service areas, and pest control issues. In addition to these hazards for residents, there were administrative shortfalls identified that could cause shortages of supplies, staffing problems, and other issues.

The regional inspector released a formal statement that these violations would put vulnerable adults at serious risk for neglect, infections, and injuries. She stated that Mississippi should begin working to correct all of these violations as soon as possible. The Mississippi Division of Medicaid believes that the facilities should be responsible for providing a remedy, rather than the state government. However, the division stated that it will conduct an audit and release a detailed plan for corrective action. Mississippi is one of the few states that does not require nursing homes and adult day care centers to obtain a license. At least 13 facilities were shut down in the state due to violations in 2018 alone.

The dangers of a non-compliant nursing home

Residents of nursing homes and similar facilities are exposed to severe risks, especially when the home is not following guidelines for sanitation and staff training. It is common for the elderly and infirm to sustain injuries, develop infections, or even die while under the care of a facility with significant health code violations. When this happens, a lawyer can speak with the victim and their family about the possibility of filing a civil lawsuit against the facility. These cases can help pay for medical costs and treatment, along with functioning as a deterrent measure against future violations and illegal practices. 

Get assistance from a local lawyer

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