A local pastor who was remembered fondly by the community died in a car crash while on U.S. Highway 49 in Harrison County, Mississippi

Prominent musician and church leader tragically dies in a car collision

The incident began when the 57 year old male victim was in a vehicle that was traveling northbound out of the Gulfport area on the highway. Another car that was trying to cross over into the southbound lanes made contact with his vehicle. Police reports did not give specific information about the extent of his injuries, but the pastor died a short time after the collision. A full investigation is still pending.  

The pastor was a graduate of the local Harrison Central High School and Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College. He had utilized the Gospel Workshop of America to become a well known singer and songwriter. His family said that he had started playing the piano and makeshift instruments around the house as early as 3 years old. 

A woman who works with the Gospel Workshop of America released a statement about his death. She said that the pastor was their organist and music director since the mid 1990s. He traveled extensively and brought his talents to many people around the country. She believes that his music and faith was inspirational to everyone who saw him perform. 

The pastor had a wife and is survived by seven children. Funeral services were held at Grace Temple Baptist Church in Gulfport. 

Fatal accidents and the law

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When someone dies in a collision, the civil law provides a way for the surviving family members to get help. A wrongful death lawsuit will allow a certain family member, usually a spouse or child, to bring the action on the deceased person’s behalf. This lawsuit can pay out damages related to future lost wages and income, funeral and burial services, and non-economic losses based on emotional pain, suffering, and trauma. There are some differences between wrongful death cases and other personal injury lawsuits, so it is important to get legal help soon after an incident. 

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