Mississippi police respond to a crash scene to find a dead motorcyclist

A large number of cases that end up in civil courts are related to motor vehicle crashes and injuries. There are some attorneys who focus their entire practice on these kinds of cases. 

A fatal accident happened on Interstate 20 in Hinds County, Mississippi

Motorcycle rider dies near the shoulder of a highway

The Mississippi Highway Patrol received an emergency call about a possible motorcycle crash in Hinds County on a Tuesday night. When they responded to the scene, they found that the bike was probably intended to be used as an off road vehicle. The driver of the motorcycle was on an unpaved area near the east shoulder of I-20 and the Norrell Road intersection. Authorities are not sure why, but it appears that the rider collided with the edge of a ditch that he was possibly trying to jump over. He was ejected from the bike due to the impact. It is unknown if his body or the motorcycle made contact with any other vehicles or obstacles in the area. 

The police believe an officer had made contact with the same vehicle earlier in the day and issued a citation for an unknown violation. Hinds County said that the deputy on the scene of the incident instructed the driver to return home with the vehicle . 

The deceased rider was a 51 year old male, who was not wearing a helmet at the time of the crash. The state police plan to conduct a full investigation to learn more about the cause of the accident.  

Getting help after injury cases

Motor vehicle accidents regularly result in civil lawsuits. These cases can involve a complex process of insurance claims, traffic citations or criminal charges, and negligence actions against the driver or business at fault. Some of these cases will settle for an amount that compensates the victim appropriately for their injuries, while others will require a full trial where testimony and evidence is presented to a jury. 

After an accident occurs, the best thing for a victim to do is to contact their insurance company and the police as soon as possible. This will generate a record of the crash, an accident report from local law enforcement, and start the process of an investigation. All of these things can help a personal injury attorney with their case at a later time. Many forms of evidence and documentation help injury lawyers argue for the maximum amount of compensation to assist their client with medical expenses and missed time from work.  

Speak with a local personal injury attorney

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