Mississippi truck accident kills several passengers in a van on a rural highway

A serious accident between a box truck and a van took the lives of multiple victims in Mississippi.

Trucker crosses center line and strikes a van going in the opposite direction

The crash happened on Highway 45 in a rural area in Kemper County near the town of Scooba. The front ends of a truck and van collided, and the van was pushed into a guard rail nearby. At the scene, the rails were bent and asphalt was pulled out of the ground due to the severity of the impact.  

The collision was so severe that the National Transportation Safety Board was sent to report on the cause of the incident and examine the damage. They believe that the immediate cause was the driver of the box truck crossing over the center line on the road. The investigation was also able to confirm that the van driver did try to take evasive maneuvers by swerving away, but the truck still collided with the vehicle. 

Eight people in total died, and several more were hurt. The driver of the van involved in the crash was given a citation for not wearing a seatbelt or having a driver’s license. Police believe all of the passengers in the van who were killed were not wearing their seatbelts either. The driver of the van said it was a miracle that he was alive.  

The Alabama based trucking company that owns the box truck has had nine reported crashes in the last two years. They own a fleet of over 80 trucks. The Mississippi Highway Patrol had found that the driver of the vehicle only had a standard driver’s license, and did not possess a commercial license. 

The Mississippi state police and the NTSB were still in the process of conducting a full investigation at the time of the news report.

Dealing the injuries caused by a truck driver

Accidents involving large trucks are often devastating. As this news report shows, smaller vehicles who collide with trucks are much more likely to experience significant damage and injuries to the passengers inside. 

The trucking company can be found negligent for a number of reasons. This can include a violation of traffic laws, licensing and operating regulations for commercial vehicles, or even simple mistakes while driving. The business can be used to pay for things like medical treatment and lost wages that are owed to the victim. A skilled personal injury attorney will argue for the largest award of damages allowed by law. 

Speak with an attorney after a truck collision

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