Mississippi Woman Sues Delta Air Lines Over Knee Injury

It’s been two years since Mollestine Catchings traveled to the Dominican Republic via a Delta Air Lines flight, and now, the Mississippi woman has come forward with a lawsuit against the company over a knee injury she allegedly suffered while onboard the aircraft [Source: Clarion Ledger]. According to Catchings, she says she suffered a knee injury after a steward crashed his cart into her left knee. The woman says the steward was distracted by another flight passenger which ultimately led to the incident occurring.

After Catchings’ returned from her trip from the Dominican Republic, she claims she had to undergo “significant medical treatment, physical therapy, and [eventually had to have] knee replacement surgery [performed].”

In her lawsuit, Catchings’ states that “flight attendants are expected to maintain control over beverage carts so as to prevent passenger injuries.” The lawsuit goes on to say that “As a result of [the steward’s] inattentiveness, [he] failed to maintain a proper lookout, failed to properly apply the brakes to the beverage cart, and/or failed to lock and secure the beverage cart, which caused the cart to crash into Ms. Catchings’ left knee.”

Catchings also alleges that the incident has led to her suffering severe and permanent injuries. After the airline was contacted for comment, a spokesman issued a statement saying, “We cannot comment on this matter due to pending litigation.”


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