Unemployment claims in Mississippi increased sharply at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, but started to drop off about a month later. Those who were laid off may have issues getting their final wages from their employer. 

State sees huge unemployment surge related to coronavirus that levels off weeks later

Mississippi experienced a huge increase in unemployment applications when mandatory shutdowns were issued by the governor in mid March. Between that time and mid April, the government processed about 120,000 claims in total. However, starting around the middle of April, the number of new claims started to gradually drop off by about 10,000 from the previous week’s totals.  

Based on data from previous years, new unemployment claims are generally below 1,000 each week in Mississippi. Like many other parts of the country, people filing in the state have experienced problems because the system is not designed to handle so many new applications at once. When the first coronavirus cases were reported in early March claims suddenly jumped to numbers never seen before. There were increases of about 30,000 to 40,000 in each of those early weeks of the pandemic. Early estimates said that about 100,000 jobs would be lost by the first day of summer were too low, as the state passed that number in April. 

New unemployment claims also decreased nationally during this same time frame between March and April. However, there were still over 4 million Americans filing for unemployment during the week of the news report. This number represents about 11 percent of all workers on the seasonally adjusted scale, which is also the highest the unemployment rate has ever been  in the United States using this metric.

Important information regarding how to transition away from a previous job

When someone experiences a job loss, there are a number of issues that can emerge. Disputes with a prior employer can prevent proper payment for all wages recorded, along with overtime and vacation pay. If a prior employer is trying to deny a worker wages that they legitimately earned, this is illegal. All workplaces are regulated by federal and state laws that state proper records must be kept of all hours worked, and employees need to be compensated accordingly. Workers who are affected by these illegal practices may file complaints with a local labor board or employment commission and retain their own legal counsel. The lawyer may choose to file a civil lawsuit to collect the unpaid amount and other damages related to illegal behavior in the workplace. Employment attorneys can help workers with related issues like discrimination and retaliation if necessary.   

Get help from an attorney in Mississippi 

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