Mobile Alabama area family law attorneys can help during a turbulent or violent divorce

Before tensions between a married couple begin to result in violence, it is best to speak to a family law attorney to avoid any possible incidents that could result in criminal charges or injuries to either person.

Local news for Alabama reported on a former police officer who has been charged criminally for possible involvement in his ex-wife’s death. The couple had been involved in a number of altercations in the year leading up to her murder, including one incident that ended the husband’s law enforcement career.

Former police officer is suspected of killing his wife

The incident began when local police in the Mountain Brook area discovered the body of a 31 year old female victim on a school property in a parking lot. The body was identified as the wife of a former police officer who had recently been divorced. Arrest records recorded the couple’s history of domestic violence and other issues throughout the prior year.

The suspect had spoken with his attorney and coordinated a surrender to local law enforcement shortly after the crime was committed. The local police and prosecutors had begun the process of filing formal charges against him in the hours after the body was discovered.

The officer in question resigned from his post about 8 months earlier after the state began to investigate him for another incident involving his wife. She sustained a gunshot wound during their argument. This was considered a domestic violence incident based on information uncovered during that investigation. Local records show that the couple had another fight just a couple of months later, and the suspect was again charged with crimes related to domestic violence. The wife had formally began to file for divorce several months before she died.

The report did not contain any specific information about what charges would be brought against the suspect, or if anyone else was possibly involved in the victim’s murder.

The process to file for a divorce

Alabama and all other states in the U.S. now allow couples to get divorced in a very efficient manner. The process to file for a divorce has been simplified under the no fault divorce regime. This means that one or both spouses can basically ask the courts for a divroce for any reason at all, as long as they believe the marriage has broken down and cannot be fixed. There is no longer a requirement of adultery, abandonment, imprisonment, or any other serious violation of marital vows. There are only some basic requirements for residency in the state where the divorce paperwork is filed and a waiting period to confirm that there is a serious desire to end the marriage. Alimony may be ordered if there are significant differences in the incomes of the spouses. This is normally done for several months or years to help the one who earns less maintain their standard of living in the time period after the marriage ends.

Many divorce attorneys are also skilled enough at negotiation that they may be able to coordinate a settlement agreement between both sides and avoid the time and expense of multiple court appearances. Family law and legal practitioners in this area have been evolving toward making divorces simpler, more efficient, and less stressful. The best lawyers will be aware of current practices and utilizes these changes to save their clients time and money.

Getting an order in place to protect against violence

If there are serious safety concerns, a judge can issue a restraining order or protective order to protect one of the spouses or any children involved. This can be done within a short time frame as long as there is credible evidence to support keeping the individuals physically separated from each other. As a deterrent measure to keep the parties from continuing to contact each other, violations of this order can result in arrest and other penalties.

Other family law problems related to violence

When there are problems with potential violence and the couple has children, the government will also attempt to make sure the best interests of the child are served. This can involve changes in custody and other related issues. A parent who loses custody of their child will probably be ordered to make payments to the custodial parent.

Retaining an attorney who knows about various kinds of family law matters such as child custody, child support, and divorce will be important to have all of the legal issues surrounding domestic violence and other problems sorted out properly.

Speak with a local family law attorney

To get help from a lawyer who specializes in divorces and other family law issues in the Mobile Alabama area, contact Jackie Brown, Attorney at Law. You can learn more about divorcing peacefully and avoiding other issues that impact couples who are in the process of separating.

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