Missing deadlines is never a good thing in court and anyone who misses an essential statute of limitations may end up having their entire case completely disregarded. A person can avoid missing vital deadlines by having a lawyer on their side who has a proper understanding of the law and who can focus on legal matters while a person puts their focus on recovering from the injuries they suffered.

Whether a person is hurt in a slip-and-fall accident or they face significant harm due to the negligence of another person in another way, such as in a car accident, they can hold the guilty person responsible if they follow the required legal deadlines and their legal paperwork is in order. If a person fails to act quickly, they will likely miss the statute of limitations and this means the opposing party can simply state the statute of limitations was passed and therefore, the case is no longer valid.

Statutes of limitations are strictly enforced time limits regarding a person’s rights to file a lawsuit in court. Louisiana has a one-year standard time limit and if this is not followed, then the defendant can point this out and request that the court dismisses the case and the court will almost always grant them the dismissal.

If a person wants to maintain their negotiation leverage, and they want to stand a fighting chance in court, they should make sure that they get in touch with a qualified lawyer who will ascertain that everything is properly taken care of and all the legalities are properly accounted for, so no unnecessary complications arise.

Exceptions to the statute of limitations in Monroe, Louisiana

Though the deadline for filing a personal injury lawsuit is generally very solid, there are some exceptions to the case. One example is if the case is of a minor. This means a person under the age of 18 can wait until they are 18 for the time to start running for them.

Another case in which the statute of limitations may be excused is if a person is harmed through a defective product and did not understand the nature of their injury. In such cases, the clock starts running once it must have been reasonably discoverable for them and once any other person would have reasonably understood the harm they suffered was caused by the defective product and not an external factor.

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