Truck drivers are expected to undergo proper training and get the appropriate Commercial Drivers License (CDL) for their state before they can begin operating their vehicles commercially. There are numerous rules put forward to mandate both how the license is obtained and even who can obtain a CDL.

Truck accidents can result in fatal injuries, and the death of multiple victims, and that is why it is vital truck drivers do everything they can to follow the various regulations put forward by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regarding obtaining their license and also staying safe on the road.

No matter how careful a truck driver is on the road, they still have a chance of getting into an accident just because of the dangerous nature of operating such a massive vehicle at such high speeds. The FMCSA conducted a research study to determine what the leading causes of truck accidents are in Montana and they discovered the following information:

  • The most common reason for truck accidents to occur was due to issues related to speeding. Either the truck driver was speeding, driving too slowly, or misjudging the amount of space between themselves and the other vehicles.
  • The second most common reason for truck collisions was related to the lack of attention by the truck driver. Either the driver got distracted or was unable to remain focused and that lead to the collision taking place. Truck accidents also sometimes occur because a driver completely falls asleep at the wheel or they get disabled by a sudden medical condition, such as a heart attack while operating their vehicle.
  • The third most common reason for truck accidents is some sort of vehicle-part failure. For example, the brakes or the steering stop working properly while the truck driver is operating their vehicle.

Other factors such as the driver panicking and suddenly losing control, or the weather conditions causing a driver to slip are also commonly reported.

What should I do after getting into a truck accident in Montana?

After getting into a collision with a truck, a person should immediately seek medical help, even if they do not feel like they were hurt. Many times, the pain and injury are not apparent right after the collision, and only through medical testing can a person find out the extent of how their body reacted to the impact.

After getting medical help a person should call a truck accident lawyer to assist them with the actual legalities of filing a truck accident claim.

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