One of the reasons why divorce attorneys are hired is because they can deescalate a heated situation and help mediate a divorce to avoid the situation from escalating into something more serious and violent.
When a divorce arises out of infidelity, it often makes the entire process strenuous, prolonged, and overwhelming.
Divorces can be brutal. Separated couples are dealing with loss and depression as well as a mix of other emotions. It isn’t easy to separate from someone who you have devoted endless years of your life to who decides one day they want to begin a new relationship with someone else. The psychological affects a divorce can have on someone can become harmful and even fatal. We see this in a story that has recently emerged involving a women, her two children, and her estranged husband’s girlfriend. As you can imagine, the outcome of the situation wasn’t pretty.
On Wednesday, Jessica Edens, 36, was questioned by police in her South Carolina home after her husband had phoned the local police department stating he was concerned about his 5-year old daughter’s wellbeing. The two were going through a messy divorce involving child custody. That alone can create a lot of tension during the duration of a divorce.
When police arrived, they saw the two children watching, TV eating popcorn and spoke to Edens who didn’t display any alarming or suspicious behavior [Source: The Washington Post]. However, Edens husband had mentioned his wife was sending disconcerting text messages and emails and she stated to police that she was going to expose her husband in court regarding the affair he had been having for the past year.
Although police were under the impression that everything was normal, the next day, Edens shot and killed Meredith Leigh Rahme, 28, who was her husbands alleged girlfriend. Rahme was shot while inside her vehicle located in front of her Greenville, SC apartment complex [Source: People]. A little while later, Edens was found dead in her Jeep stationed in the parking lot of a Speedway gas station. Edens wasn’t alone.

Jessica Edens Had Shot Her 2 Children Who Had Been in the Vehicle with Her

Edens probably was aware of the criminal consequences she was facing for murdering Rahme which may have played a role in her committing suicide. 
Apparently, Edens had driven approximately seven miles away after shooting Rahme with her 5-year old and 7-year-old in the vehicle.  All three had been shot with a .40-caliber pistol. Edens 7-year old was from a past relationship while the 5-year was shared between Jessica and her husband Ben Edens.

Was Edens Seeing Revenge or Was the Divorce Too Much?

Divorce attorneys can help couples get through the separation process much smoother than if they attempt to do it on their own.
What a tragedy it is to see several different individuals lose their life, especially innocent children who simply did not ask to be put in the middle of the matter. Unfortunately, though, because many divorces arise out of infidelity or abuse, going through one is too tough for one person to endure. According to, divorces can lead to lowered self-esteem and a loss of sense of identity not to mention feelings of anger and the desire to seek revenge for the pain the other person has caused.
Perhaps those are some of the feelings Edens experienced which led to the killing of her two children, Rahme, and taking her own life. So many things arise during a divorce that make it difficult to cope and deal. Some things that come up when going through a divorce include:

  • Alimony
  • Child support
  • Division of assets
  • Child custody

Because of the high stress associated with these matters, it is always recommended to hire a divorce lawyer who can help throughout each stage of the process and step in when the situation becomes too difficult to deal with.

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