If you live in New York, NY or commute to the city for work, then you likely find yourself traveling by both the subway and by bus in an attempt to get around. And if you ever found yourself waiting for a train or bus to arrive, wondering if it would be on time, you will be happy to know that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority recently launched its MYmta app last week for both Android and Apple users.
According to the New York Times, the app will offer schedules for the bus, subway, Long Island Rail Road, and Metro-North. It will also provide riders with “alternate routes with the least number of transfers or the shortest walking distances.” The app will highlight stations that have elevators and riders will be able to purchase Metro-North and Long Island Rail Road tickets directly through the app.
Apparently, the app wasn’t as easy as one might think to create. The source stated that since last December, MTA conducted 180 hours of interviews with riders asking them what they thought would be most useful to have featured in the app. But, when employees of the New York Times tested the app themselves, they found that like any new form of technology, there were a few glitches. The source stated that “it was difficult to track delays because the app would not refresh underground.” Or that may be on account of a weak WIFI signal, not a glitch with the app.

NY is Pushing to Have Cameras Mounted to School Bus Stop Arms to Catch Drivers Who Illegally Pass the Buses

Aside from the launch of this new app, the Times Union reported that some other changes may be coming that are expected to help keep children safe who ride the school bus. Apparently, there is a bill that has already made its way through the Senate and is now being deliberated on by the Legislature. If the bill is approved, it would permit school districts to mount cameras near the stop arms of a school bus that are lowered when a school bus is stopped and letting children on or off the bus. The cameras would capture footage of any vehicles that passed the school bus, despite it being stopped with its stop arms extended, and would result in them being sent a fine in the mail.
While it is already illegal for drivers to pass a stopped school bus, they still do it and as a result, it has led to numerous children being injured and even killed. Should the State of NY pass this bill, it would be at the discretion of each school district to decide if they wanted the cameras mounted on their school buses. However, according to Diana Abdella, who is the spokeswoman for Syracuse Democratic Assemblyman William Magnarelli, “Most school districts seem very much in support of this.”
The State of NY is pushing to have a new law passed that would help catch drivers who illegally pass stopped school buses and potentially reduce the chances of an accident.
If the bill is approved, school districts would choose which from one of three different vendors as to where they would purchase the cameras from. The company would be responsible for reviewing and screening the photos taken of the potential violators and they would then be forwarded to the local police department. The police agency would have the final say as to whether those motorists passed the school bus illegally and if should be fined. Anyone who is said to have violated the law would then receive the $250 fine by mail.
The source stated that aside from helping reduce the chances of an innocent child being injured while entering or exiting a school bus, the fine violators would face could potentially generate $4 million in revenue. Perhaps those two details alone are enough to get both lawmakers and parents on board of supporting the passing of this bill.
Until this law is approved and takes effect, you can expect that drivers will continue to break the law despite the fact that they are putting children’s lives at risk. And if your child has recently sustained an injury in a school bus-related accident in NY, it would a good idea to consult with a New York, NY bus accident lawyer who can explain what can and should be done following the incident. To get connected with a local bus crash attorney in New York, NY, contact USAttorneys.com today.

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