Hartford, CT- A bill recently signed by Governor Dannel P. Malloy will make divorce for some Connecticut couples easier to obtain and allow state divorce courts to lighten their case load. The new bill, which goes into effect on October 1st, will give couples with less than $35,000 in assets and no children the opportunity to avoid costly divorce litigation and obtain divorce without appearing in court. According to the Connecticut Law Tribune: To be eligible for the streamlined divorce process couples must be married for at least 8 years and have no disputes over asset or property division. Neither spouse can be receiving social security or have an active pension account. Couples must present financial affidavits with their divorce petition and could have their marriages dissolved in 30 days as opposed to 90 days for standard divorces. Even though, this offers an expedited divorce, couples are cautioned to seek out a divorce attorney to be sure that they are getting an equitable settlement. It is possible to be shortchanged in a divorce settlement if is not reviewed by an attorney. This new law is good for an uncontested divorce, and for couples who don’t have a lot of assets to divide or any child custody issues to settle. But not all couples fall into that category and for many married, child custody, property and support are major issues that require the expertise of a family law attorney. If you and your spouse are head for divorce, but you don’t have the stomach for an acrimonious and drawn out divorce process, a couple should consider mediation to settle their differences. Mediation is a set of negotiations between the divorcing couple, their attorneys a mediator who acts as a neutral party. Through a course of regular meetings, the parties involved settle issues outside the court room and out of the public eye. This alternative to a contentious divorce can help a couple move beyond the tougher decisions and end their marriages peacefully. Mediation is often less costly than traditional divorce and decisions are not made by the court. Mediation isn’t for all couples so before a spouse makes any decisions about how to file, they should speak to a divorce attorney first. Our team of accomplished lawyers will evaluate the circumstances of your case and decide which filing is most appropriate in your situation. USAttorneys can refer you to a divorce law firm in your area who will do everything in their power to protect your rights and see that you get a fair settlement and child custody arrangement. Before you file for divorce meet with a divorce attorney to help you determine if you should file for an expedited divorce, mediation or should take your case to court. Some many factors play into that decision so it’s better to get expert advice before making a decision that will impact your life in so many ways. Call an attorney to day and set up a consultation.