A car that crashed into a medical building in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina resulted in the death of one person and other forms of damage. 

Driver plows into the front of a medical building causing injuries and death

Workers with both the local police and fire departments responded to the area of 945 82nd Parkway to find that a red SUV had crashed into a medical center at about noon. Police did not know exactly what caused the accident during the early parts of their investigation. 

One victim inside of the building died due to the crash. The Horry County Medical Examiner’s Office did not release the victim’s name or any other identifying details. Four additional victims were taken to Grand Stand Regional Medical Center for various forms of treatment. The SUV’s driver was one of the injured people who was transported. 

A corporal with the Myrtle Beach Police confirmed that based on their conversations with the local Judicial Circuit Solicitor’s Office no one will be charged criminally. However, a full investigation was still planned and it is possible that charges could be filed at a later time. 

Car crashes and negligence cases

Most motor vehicle accident cases that end up in a civil courtroom will be filed by the plaintiff’s lawyer as negligence actions. As a general rule, this means that a driver made a mistake and caused injuries or losses to others nearby. However, each state does have specific rules related to negligence actions and how they are handled from a legal perspective.

South Carolina’s negligence law

Under South Carolina law, a person partially at fault for an accident can still collect money from the defendant. However, they must be 50% at fault or less for the accident. If they are 51% at fault or above, they cannot collect any money.

A person who is partially at fault but less than this threshold will have their damage award reduced proportionately to their level of fault for the accident. If the defendant is totally at fault, then there is no need to worry about this rule because the plaintiff will be able to collect all of the damages that they have asked for.

Calculating damages

Damages is simply the legal term for the amount of money that represents what the plaintiff lost in the accident. This can be the sum of money lost due to not being able to work or maintain their income, property damage and the costs of repairs, and any kind of medical treatment or long term care that was related to the initial collision. To get specific numbers related to damage amounts it is always recommended to consult with a lawyer.

Get help from an accident attorney

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