Significant property damage was caused in a recent accident in which a cement truck collided with the median barrier in Nampa, Idaho. The accident caused serious property damage but there were no fatalities, and no one appeared to be injured at the scene of the collision.

When such accidents take place, an investigation from trained professionals is the only way to get to the bottom of who caused the collision so they can be held to account for all the damages. Truck accidents can lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage, if not millions of dollars, and no one should have to deal with the sudden and heavy bills on their own. A truck accident lawyer is a professional who has been trained on all the details of launching a truck investigation and they should be contacted right away so a person improves their chances of being compensated fairly for all the harm they were made to suffer.

Even when there are no injuries or fatalities, the property damage alone is usually enough for the victim to want to go forward with filing a truck accident claim so they can get help receiving compensation to help them repair everything they lost. The worse their damages were and the more financial losses and pain and suffering they experienced, the more economic and non-economic damages they can claim.

Who pays for property damage after a truck accident in Nampa, Idaho?

The answer to this question comes down to fault and who is responsible for causing the accident to begin with. If the truck driver is deemed guilty, then they may be litigated against. If the trucking company is also found to be responsible for the collision, they can be made to pay for the property damage as well. Anyone who may have even been partially responsible will have to be questioned and held legally accountable, so their insurance company pays the required amount to those who were harmed.

The period of recovery after a truck accident can be very time-consuming and expensive as well. Not many drivers are equipped with the necessary resources to get through this difficult time period on their own and without professional help. Those who get into such large accidents can benefit greatly by reaching out to a truck accident attorney at the Law Office of Johnson and Lundgreen as soon as possible after their collision for proper advice and the support of legal counsel.

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