When an accident involves a combination of commercial vehicles and regular drivers, there are certain important rules that become factors in a related lawsuit. 

Police are in the process of searching for victims as multiple vehicles turned over during a towing accident in the Whites Creek area of Nashville. 

Two cars were involved and a victim is still missing

The accident happened on Interstate 24 West near mile marker 37. The two closest exits in the area are for Old Hickory Boulevard and White’s Creek Pike. According to the initial investigation, police believe that one of the two cars involved was towing the other, when they both flipped off of the road at some point. 

One victim who was found on the scene was immediately transported to a local hospital by an ambulance for treatment. 

Photos from the scene showed two cars turned upside down in a wooded area on the side of the road. Police believe that two people were injured in the accident, but only one was found inside the vehicle at the time of the news report. An active search was ongoing to locate the second victim. 

Lawsuits against trucks or towing businesses

If a commercial vehicle such as a tow truck is involved in the accident, the business that owns the vehicle may be responsible for the victim’s losses. As a general rule, lawsuits against any kind of a commercial vehicle or driver will attach the business that uses the vehicle and is responsible for its use and maintenance. It is beneficial to sue the business rather than the individual driver for a number of reasons, most of which are tied to the company’s finances. A trucking company will likely have a robust business insurance policy for a fleet of commercial vehicles that will help cover the victim’s expenses and damages. 

Personal injury lawyers

Personal injury attorneys routinely handle cases where people get hurt and need to sue the person or business at fault to pay for their expenses. These can include medical treatment and vehicle repairs. While the insurance process may be sufficient for minor accidents, a lawyer can help in situations that involve larger dollar amounts. The type of case that is tied to most civil motor vehicle crash lawsuits is a negligence action. This claim says that a driver at fault was not careful enough on the roads and caused harm to the plaintiff.

Lawyers who practice in this area can represent the victim and file a case on their behalf in the local court system. This includes meeting with the victim and getting some basic information about the accident and their losses. After this, the lawyer will draft an initial pleading that gives details about when and where the accident happened, and a total of the plaintiff’s damages. Damages are the most important element of a negligence case because they allow the attorney to argue for a fair amount based on all of the problems that the victim has had to endure because of the accident. 

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