Nashville construction worker falls off of a scaffolding

A 16 year old man who was working part time on a construction site in Nashville died after falling off of a scaffolding. 

Young victim who was not wearing safety equipment dies during his shift

The incident happened at a job site for La Quinta Inns for a new building on 315 Interstate Drive. Detectives from Nashville Metro Police responded to the scene, and were told by other workers that the victim worked for a subcontractor called Cortez Plastering in a part time role. The victim’s brother told the police that he was nearby working on a scaffolding with him when he suddenly heard loud noises. He turned around and saw his brother falling, then told others on the job site to get help. 

When emergency crews arrived on the scene, they said that they did not see a safety harness near the victim or on the scaffolding, or any other safety equipment nearby. An employee with Tennessee’s OSHA also responded to the area. Despite these issues, neither the police nor OSHA suspected any kind of foul play or serious safety violations. 

The president of D.F. Chase, which manages the site, issued a statement related to the incident. He said that he was saddened to hear the news and his company will offer assistance to the family of the young man. He added that his company has been in business for over 30 years, and they have never experienced such an incident before. This is apparently their first work related fatality.  

OSHA had approved the site based on its safety regulations for work to resume after the accident. D.F. Chase said that they were voluntarily suspending operations at that site for the foreseeable future and assisting OSHA with their investigation. 

Fatal accidents at work

While it is common for people to experience minor injuries while at work, fatalities are very serious from a legal standpoint. A victim’s family is allowed to bring a wrongful death lawsuit on their behalf. This can allow them to receive compensation for funeral and burial expenses, medical costs, the victim’s lost wages and services, as well as non-economic losses related to trauma, pain, and suffering. 

In a work related accident that involves only injuries, the standard remedy is a workers compensation claim. This will only pay the person their normal wages for the time they missed away from work. Any additional losses beyond the person’s normal income need to be recovered through a civil personal injury lawsuit

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