Nashville driver is charged for a lethal mistake on a local highway

When a driver makes a serious mistake or intentionally causes harm on the roads, they may face both a civil case and criminal charges from the local police. 

The Tennessee Highway Patrol is investigating an accident that resulted in serious criminal charges against the driver at fault. 

Fatal two car crash on Highway 49 

The incident happened on a Wednesday morning at about 7:30am in Robertson County. A 26 year old male from Nashville was driving his BMW sedan on State Highway 49 westbound. Authorities believe that he tried to cut around a vehicle in front of him to pass, but lost control of the car during this maneuver. The car ended up on the eastbound side of the highway and hit a Ford Fusion vehicle. After the impact, the BMW ended up in a ditch nearby and the Fusion was pushed onto the shoulder. The 43 year old female driver of the Fusion was killed during the crash. Police believe that both drivers did have their seatbelts secured during the accident.   

The local police are charging the male suspect with driving on a suspended license and vehicular homicide. They are also requesting a toxicology report to see if drunk driving was a factor in the incident. 

Car accidents that result in death

When a motor vehicle collision ends someone’s life, it is possible for the family to receive compensation related to the victim’s earning potential, as well as costs for medical treatment, funeral, and burial services. This is called a wrongful death case and the victim’s family can bring this action in civil court whether the defendant is also charged criminally or not. 

Tennessee has a wrongful death statute which is unique to the state. This is why it is important to talk to a lawyer to determine which family members are allowed to file on the victim’s behalf and the types of damages available. 

General information about accident lawsuits

Personal injury attorneys routinely handle civil cases related to motor vehicle accidents. These are normally filed as negligence cases. Negligence means that a business or person breached the standard duty of care and caused harm to others. These actions are common for many kinds of accidents that happen on the roads, inside retail stores, and on job sites. The final element of a negligence case is damages. This allows the attorney for the plaintiff to argue for the maximum amount of compensation for medical bills, lost wages, hospitalization, property damage, and other related losses. 

Get help from an experienced accident attorney in Tennessee

After a collision, it is important to discuss the situation with an attorney who focuses on this area of the law. For help from a local lawyer, contact:

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