It was an unfortunate accident that could have been prevented that cost a man his life. According to The Tennessean, 54-year-old William A. Passalacqua of Creekstone Circle was driving his 2002 Ford Ranger with a passenger when he crashed into the back of an MTA bus that had been unloading passengers. Apparently, the two had been heading east on the 700thblock of Murfreesboro Pike when his vehicle drifted out of his lane and into the lane in which the bus was stopped.
After police and emergency medical personnel were dispatched to the accident scene, they had to take action quickly as several individuals had sustained injuries. Passalacqua was transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center and died shortly after his arrival at the hospital. His passenger, who was only identified as a 38-year-old, sustained minor injuries. Among all the passengers that had been on board the bus, 15 were said to have sustained minor injuries and were all transported to an area hospital for treatment.
Police later determined that Passalacqua had been driving with a revoked license. They also said that his pickup truck had a strong odor of alcohol inside and they were able to locate “unspecified evidence of alcohol inside the truck.” The source indicated that a toxicology test by the medical examiner was still pending.

Pedestrian Left in Critical Condition After Being Struck by MTA Bus in Madison, TN

A pedestrian was transported to the hospital in critical condition after being hit by an MTA bus in Madison, TN.
Another serious accident occurred nearby to Nashville involving an MTA bus that left a pedestrian seriously injured. According to FOX 17 Nashville, the accident occurred on Rivergate Parkway at Myatt Drive. The source didn’t indicate whether the man was attempting to cross in front of the bus or trying to catch the bus to hop aboard, but that he was injured after he had been hit by the bus.
The Metro Nashville police stated that the pedestrian was taken to Skyline Medical Center with life-threatening injuries but that neither of the two passengers on board the bus were injured in the accident.

Bus Accidents Continue to Rise in Number in the Nashville, TN Area

It appears there are several accidents occurring each month in the Nashville area that involve an MTA bus. In March, nine individuals were injured in downtown Nashville after an MTA bus and another vehicle were involved in a collision. And in May, three people were left injured in a crash that occurred on Lafayette Street. Sadly, there were plenty of other incidents that occurred within the past few months that involved an MTA bus. Sometimes, these types of accidents occur on behalf of a mistake made by the bus driver while others are caused by careless or inattentive drivers.
And if you have recently been involved in a bus accident in Nashville, TN, you are encouraged to contact a bus crash lawyer in Nashville, TN as they can help provide you with the assistance you will need to get you the compensation you deserve. You see, after being involved in a collision with a bus, you may be able to pursue the city given the bus is operated by the government for compensation that can help make this stressful and difficult time a little easier to get through. But, there is a specific process that must be followed, we suggest you allow a bus crash lawyer to help you with it.
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