Nashville, TN, Semi-Truck Collides with Police Cruiser in the Early Morning Leading to a Code Red Traffic Alert

On a recent early Tuesday morning, police officers were compelled to respond to a call of a serious collision on the highway. The original accident was caused by a loaded bucket falling off a car and onto the road, and a semi-truck colliding into this bucket. The accident did not stop there, it continued onward as another semi-truck collided with this first semi-truck.

Once the collision finished, an unmarked police vehicle was struck by a passing driver, and to make matters worse, the driver fled from the scene of the accident. The good news is that no one was harmed during this serious multi-vehicle collision, however, there was significant damage done to the vehicles. The police officer’s vehicle only had minor damage done to it and was still drivable.

Traffic laws and trucking laws are put in place to help drivers avoid dangerous situations like this from arising. It is the duty of all truck drivers to ensure that their cargo is fastened on properly. If their cargo goes flying off while they are traveling at high speeds on the road then the chances of an accident occurring are very high and the owner of the truck and the relevant trucking company will likely be held legally accountable for the harm that occurred due to their negligence.

What happens if a driver leaves the scene of the accident in Nashville, TN

When a driver leaves the scene of an accident, they can be charged with a hit and run if they are caught. In the abovementioned scenario, the driver who hit the police car and escaped the scene can be very seriously charged in the event they are tracked down and located, which usually happens nowadays due to the numerous traffic cameras and tracking technology that the police have at their fingertips.

It can be very scary to get into a car accident, but no matter how tempted a person is to escape accountability, they should make sure they do the responsible thing and stay at the scene of the collision. Doing so will enable a person to exchange contact information with the other driver involved and also collect preliminary evidence for their case. This will be required especially in cases where the damage was significant. So, if a person is the victim of something as serious as a truck accident, they will definitely have to remain at the scene of the accident.

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