Truck collisions can lead to very serious injuries that are expensive to treat. Instead of trying to cover the medical bills on one’s own, a person can hire a truck accident attorney to help them secure a fair settlement and to make sure they aren’t taken advantage of by the insurer and other parties involved in the collision.

The most common claim made after truck accidents is so the victim can cover the medical bills they accumulated trying to treat the injuries they faced due to the accident. However, receiving the money to cover the medical bills is not the only financial compensation a person can demand. A person can also get compensated for:

  • Loss of life if a loved one died in the accident
  • Lost time at work that resulted in decreased wages
  • Loss of a job due to a permanent injury
  • Chronic pain and loss of ability to function properly
  • Loss of property and damage to property
  • Pain and suffering experienced
  • Rehabilitation time and ongoing care

The more intense a person’s injury is, the more compensation they are entitled to receive. The victims of such a large-scale collision should contact a truck accident attorney at their earliest convenience to make sure they receive their deserved compensation as soon as possible.

What common mistakes cause truck accidents in Tennessee?

Truck drivers are expected to undergo serious training and get the proper licensing before they can legally operate their vehicles. Despite the strict precautionary measures, they are expected to take, truck accidents are still relatively common in Tennessee. One of the most reported reasons for truck drivers getting into an accident is driver fatigue.

Since truck drivers often must drive for long hours, they often end up getting exhausted and sometimes even fall asleep behind the wheel. Controlling such a massive vehicle requires a lot of focus and concentration and being even slightly tired can put everyone else on the road in danger. It is for this reason, that truck drivers are expected to follow the Hours of Service Rules. They are only allowed to drive for a limited number of hours every week and they must take breaks after driving for a specific number of hours to make sure they get enough time to rest.

Apart from driver fatigue, the inability of the truck driver to properly follow traffic rules, such as abiding by the speed limit and maintaining a proper distance between other drivers can also have similarly catastrophic consequences. A truck accident attorney can help a person figure out the cause of the accident so they can take legal action accordingly.

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