COVID-19 has placed a strain on many things, including the U.S. economy. Stocks are dropping, certain industries are suffering financially, and now, the country is seeing the coronavirus place a halt on many of the events that had been planned months in advance. While some concerts have already been canceled and other large social gatherings have been postponed, the NBA recently announced that it is suspending its 2019-2020 season until further notice.

ESPN recently reported that after Utah Jazz player Rudy Gobert tested positive for coronavirus, the NBA made the decision to suspend the current basketball season. The league said that it “will use this hiatus to determine [the] next steps for moving forward in regard to the coronavirus pandemic.” After the announcement was made, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban “was shocked by the news.” His initial reaction was “This is crazy. This can’t be true.” He also has this to say, “I mean, it’s not within the realm of possibility. It seemed more like out of a movie than reality.”

Cuban went on to say “I trust Adam [Silver]. You know what? It’s really not about basketball or money. Literally, if this thing is exploding to the point where all of a sudden players and others have had it, you think about your family. You want to make sure you’re doing this the right way. Now it’s much more personal, and you’ve seen what’s happened in other countries, but just the whole idea that it’s come this close and potentially a couple [of] players have it, just, ‘stunning’ isn’t the right word. Just crazy.” While there won’t be any basketball games being held for right now, teams have been given the green light to continue practicing. Players have also been asked to refrain from having visitors from out of town.

While there are 259 games left to be played in the season, “no one knows if, or when, things will resume.” The NBA is scheduled to discuss the next steps going forward with the board of governors on Thursday.


How are other employers responding to the pandemic?


With the coronavirus epidemic now being referred to as a pandemic, it is important for employers to start considering what their plan of action is going to be if a quarantine is issued or an employee tests positive for having a strain of the coronavirus. While health officials have suggested allowing employees to work from home, all may not be equipped to offer this just yet.

Aside from modifying where employees work from, health experts are also saying that if a person is sick they should stay home until their symptoms clear up. Unfortunately, there are many employees who do not have sick days available that would permit them to take a few paid days off which can be a potential issue for them and those they work with. On top of that, there may be some employers who are not willing to allow an employee to take the time they need, even if they haven’t contracted the coronavirus but a different illness.

During this time of panic, employers should be mindful of their employees’ needs and shouldn’t engage in any type of behavior that would violate an employee’s rights. The coronavirus is spreading quickly across the globe and it is important that everyone is taking preventative measures to avoid from contracting it.

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