The governor of Nebraska had to issue an order to extend the deadline for unemployment claims due to an abnormally high number of applications.

Governor wants to update and revamp the state’s unemployment claim process

Governor Pete Rickett made an announcement that due to the coronavirus pandemic, the normal deadlines for unemployment would be extended for an additional week of eligibility. He mentioned that this needed to be done through executive order, as the state took in the number of claims that would normally be filed in two years over just a few weeks. The labor commissioner added that most of those claims have been processed, but they still have a lot of work to do. 

The commissioner also said that the state was working on improvements in the unemployment system that would streamline and speed up the process. There are some claims that needed to be re-examined, as the software that handles applications improperly rejected some of them and denied benefits to eligible workers. Technicians in the department will run a script in the middle of each night that will eliminate errors that occur when a worker has multiple employers. 

When addressing eligible individuals who were denied, and the labor commissioner said he wants to extract these claims from their system and give them priority, as some people have been waiting for weeks without getting their money. 

During the same conference, the governor spoke about other issues that are crucial while COVID-19 caused lockdowns in the state, such as guidelines for social distancing at religious services and testing for individuals who believe that they may be infected.  

Ensuring that a job loss happened for a legitimate reason

When workers find themselves without a job, they should think critically about why their employer terminated their position. During the coronavirus outbreak, many businesses were forced to close by government order. However, there are other situations where an employer may use a situation like this as a pretext for discrimination, or as a way of retaliating against an employee. These actions are illegal and you should get legal help from an employment attorney if you believe that foul play is involved.

Wage laws

Employers also have to compensate employees for all of the time that they worked, including overtime, and keep proper records of these hours. If an employer makes a mistake with their record keeping and underpays an employee, they may be subjected to fines or sanctions from the local department of labor. When an individual worker finds that they have been underpaid, they may also retain their own lawyer and file a lawsuit to receive their proper wages with damages.

Get local help in Nebraska

If you need to speak with a labor law attorney in the state of Nebraska, use the listings on


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