Truck accidents are usually either caused by the fault of the passenger vehicle or due to some form of negligence by the truck driver. Passenger vehicles get into collisions with trucks when they do not follow proper traffic rules, or when they try to pass a truck but get blown to the side by strong winds. Truck drivers cause accidents by also failing to follow traffic laws and not keeping up with the various regulations that are mandated for all truck drivers by government bodies.

Calling a truck accident lawyer is the first step that should be taken when trying to prove that the collision occurred due to the truck driver’s mistake and not because of something that was done by the passenger vehicle. Individuals who try and communicate with their insurer and the trucking company on their own usually end up getting very little settlement, even though they deserve a lot more.

The reason why this happens is that these large companies are aware that most common individuals are not up to date with the latest trucking laws and therefore, they do not properly understand their rights after a truck collision occurs. They use this lack of knowledge to their benefit and instead of acting in good faith, give a person much less then what they need to cover all their losses.

The losses and injuries a person faces after a truck accident are often very expensive and no individual should have to pay for it on their own, especially when they know the collision was not even their fault.

What evidence do you need to prove the negligence of the truck driver?


To prove the truck driver was guilty a person should gather all the evidence possible. The more evidence they have, the better it is for their case. If a person can prove that they suffered significantly they may even be eligible to receive compensation for their nontangible losses, such as for the pain they experienced, and the suffering they were forced to endure.

Everything from photographs of the scene of the accident, video footage from nearby traffic cameras, witness testimonies, medical records, and doctor’s testimonies are all essential pieces of evidence that can help a person win a bigger settlement at the end of their case.

Other evidence such as the driving records of the truck driver and the maintenance practices of the trucking company can also help prove that negligence occurred from their side. The amount of settlement a person is given depends on how much financial loss the accident caused them and how well they are able to prove these losses.

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