The state of Nebraska has reached a settlement of nearly $19 million in a longstanding labor dispute with employees of Nebraska State Penitentiary (NSP). The dispute arose from the state’s failure to pay employees for time spent donning and doffing required clothing and equipment before and after their shifts. The employees, represented by the Nebraska Association of Public Employees (NAPE), filed a lawsuit in 2016, claiming that the state’s failure to compensate them for this time violated the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

The settlement comes after years of legal battles, including a 2019 ruling by the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals that the employees were entitled to compensation for the time spent donning and doffing. The settlement provides compensation to the affected employees, as well as attorney fees and interest. It also includes changes to the NSP’s timekeeping practices to ensure compliance with the FLSA in the future.

This case highlights the importance of employee rights and the role of labor unions in protecting those rights. It also emphasizes the significance of fair labor practices and compliance with federal labor laws. Employment lawyers can help ensure that employees receive fair compensation for all of their work and hold employers accountable for any violations of labor laws. Additionally, labor unions can provide employees with the collective bargaining power necessary to negotiate fair compensation and working conditions.

How can Lincoln employment lawyers help workers?

Employment lawyers in Lincoln can help workers in a variety of ways. Here are some of the key ways that they can assist:

  • Wrongful Termination: Employment lawyers can help workers who have been wrongfully terminated from their jobs. They can investigate the circumstances of the termination and determine if any laws were violated, such as anti-discrimination laws or labor laws.
  • Discrimination: If an employee believes they have been discriminated against at work due to their age, race, gender, religion, or other protected characteristic, an employment lawyer can help them file a claim with the appropriate agency or file a lawsuit against their employer.
  • Wage and Hour Claims: If an employer has not paid an employee the wages they are entitled to, or has failed to pay overtime or provide meal and rest breaks, employment lawyers can help employees file wage and hour claims.
  • Harassment and Hostile Work Environment: If an employee has experienced harassment or a hostile work environment, an employment lawyer can help them file a complaint with their employer or take legal action against the employer if necessary.
  • Contract Negotiation: Employment lawyers can assist workers with negotiating their employment contracts and ensuring that their rights are protected.

Overall, employment lawyers in Nebraska can help workers navigate complex legal issues in the workplace and ensure that their rights are protected.