Here Are Six Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Lawyer in Nebraska Today.

Finding a Lawyer in Nebraska Is Easy with  

Very few legal issues that are simple enough for us to deal with without requiring the help of a professional. Most circumstances and countless legal problems that necessitate you hire a lawyer. We’ll discuss six reasons why you need legal representation.

A Lawyer Grasps the Complexities of the Law

All area of Nebraska law is complicated and difficult to understand without a formal education. Most areas of law have specific rules and procedures that apply, and mistakes in either arena are a detriment to your case, which can result in various consequences. An attorney spends years learning the basics of legal procedure and becoming well-versed in the laws specific to their practice areas.

You cannot match the knowledge of an educated and practiced lawyer. Let connect you with someone who can assist you with the following legal issues:

Criminal or DUI defense

Divorce and child custody

Employment law and sexual harassment


Social security disability or worker’s compensation benefits.

Attorneys Know Legal Procedure

Did you know?

The statute of limitations for accident claims in Nebraska is four years? Or, two years for medical malpractice claims?

If you have children, you must attend a state-approved parenting class before you can be granted a divorce? Or, that Nebraska’s family courts require you and your estranged wife or husband develop a parenting plan?

Your employer must carry worker’s compensation insurance, so your medical bills are covered after a workplace accident?

You can seek a plea bargain if you are charged with a DUI or a crime?

Chances are you didn’t know any of the requirements or statute of limitations discussed above. Why would you? Those rules aren’t common knowledge to most, but they are to an attorney who also knows the specific filing requirements and protocol for any legal issue you encounter.

Missing a filing deadline or missing a court date can derail your case. An attorney will make certain all documents are filled out correctly and submitted on time. Your legal counsel will make sure your case stays on track, and you don’t miss critical deadlines.

Lawyers Have Access to Evidentiary Resources and Medical Experts

If you have a personal injury claim, a medical malpractice claim or need a DUI defense; you need a strong body of evidence. Your case needs to be thoroughly investigated, and evidence gathered from as many sources as possible. Medical experts, forensic scientists, and accident reconstruction specialists can offer valuable insight and give testimony beneficial to your case. Our team of attorneys have outstanding investigatory skills and know where to look for evidence as well as access to experts that will bolster your case.

There Are Severe Consequences if You Don’t Have Legal Representation

Whatever legal dilemma you have, there are consequences if your case is unsuccessful. A criminal conviction typically results in jail time, sometimes a significant amount and fines, probation and community service. If you were injured in a truck accident and didn’t have representation, you could get a much smaller settlement than you need to cover your economic damages. You could be refused a patent or trademark, or you could lose your home to foreclosure. The consequences of refusing legal help go on, so ask yourself, “Can I bear the cost of my case failing?”

They Know How to Negotiate a Settlement

Most cases involving injuries or other economic damages are settled out of court through negotiations with an insurance company. That applies to traffic accident claims, sexual harassment allegations, and worker’s compensation claims. A broad range of legal and civil matters involve insurance companies and insurance adjusters, making legal counsel essential.

Insurance adjusters are skilled negotiators, and the companies they work for have an exclusive team of attorneys defending their interests. You also need to protect your interests and retain an attorney. Your counsel understands the total cost of your medical treatment and the toll your injury has taken on you and your family. You can count on our legal teams in Nebraska to negotiate for a maximum settlement and make certain all your relevant expenses are taken care of by the negligent party or parties.

A Lawyer Can Secure a Plea Bargain if You are Charged with a Crime

Most criminal and DUI cases are not resolved through the criminal court; they are settled through plea deals made with prosecutors. Such deals give you the chance to have your charges and penalties reduced in exchange for pleading guilty. But to get a plea bargain, you must have defense attorney negotiate with prosecutors on your behalf. Plea bargains aren’t ideal in all cases, but they are a better alternative to court for many defendants.

We Can Connect You with the Right Attorney

We discussed just a few reasons you need to get legal counsel. If you are still in doubt, we recommend you consult with a local attorney who focuses on your area of legal necessity. Let connect you with a lawyer near your Nebraska location. Whether you live in Lincoln, Omaha, North Platte, or Scottsbluff, we have a skilled and devoted lawyer located near you who will give your case the time and attention it deserves.

We have an office in Omaha located at:

1299 Farnam Street

Suite 300

Omaha, NE 68102

Phone:(402) 513-1532


Our lawyers throughout Nebraska have the following traits:

They are good communicators

They have investigative and legal skills

They will give your case personal attention

They are persistent and will keep striving for the best outcome to your case

They will answer your questions and give an honest assessment of your case

We have attorneys all over Nebraska who work in a variety of legal specialties, so it may be difficult to decide on the right attorney. You can contact the associations below if you want more information about a lawyer you are considering:

Nebraska State Bar Association

635 S 14th St #200,

Lincoln, NE 68508

(402) 475-7091


Nebraska County Attorneys Association

P.O. Box 80044

Lincoln, NE 6850