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You may not think you are never going to need an attorney, but an unexpected event can happen at any time. You can be hit by a drunken driver when you make a trip to your local gas station. You can slip and fall on a wet floor and suffer a head injury at your local grocery. Your employer may deny you worker’s compensation benefits. Or, maybe you were stopped by police and now face DUI charges. If you encounter a legal problem, you should reach out to an attorney in Omaha, Nebraska.

When Do I Need an Attorney?

There are some, simpler legal matters you may be able to figure out on your own, but most legal issues are best left to an attorney to handle. Following are some of the situations in which you need legal assistance:

You are charged with a DUI or a serious crime.

You need to plan a sizable estate including drafting a will, appointing power of attorney and setting up a trust.

You have an elderly family member or friend who is in a nursing home and is the victim of neglect.

You suffered a severe injury in a DUI accident, truck wreck or other traffic crash.

A loved one was killed by medical malpractice or a surgical mistake.

Your child suffered permanent brain damage due to a birth injury.

You were injured on the job, but your employer denies your worker’s compensation claim.

You owe back taxes and the IRS or state revenue department has started collections.

A loved one was killed by a negligent party or parties.

The list of reasons you may need an attorney is endless, and in many instances, the stakes are pretty high. If you have any doubts about your need for professional assistance, we recommend you set up a consultation with one of our attorneys in Omaha, Nebraska right away. An initial case evaluation is free, and there are no strings attached.

At USAttorneys you will find attorneys in Omaha in the following practice areas and more:

Criminal Defense

Elder Law

Employment Law

Family Law

Immigration Law

Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Laws

Medical Malpractice has listings for legal professionals in a total of 32 areas of practice, so we can find someone to represent you no matter what legal issues you face. Don’t try to navigate a complex legal problem alone, call and set up a time to discuss your case and the options you have for resolving it.

How to Find an Excellent Attorney in Omaha

You can find an excellent attorney serving Omaha on our website. No matter what legal issue you are dealing with, can give you the contact information of local legal experts to guide you through all stages of your case.

You Need an Attorney with Professional Skills

It’s likely you’ll find more than one candidate to represent you and need to narrow down the choices. The best way to do that is to look at an attorney’s professional bona fides. When trying to decide on the right attorney, you should consider a couple of things, including:

Their Legal Education-When you are considering an attorney, ask which law school they attended and which area of law they focused on? Some areas of law such as patent and trademark are extremely complicated, and many attorneys focus on that field of law exclusively. However, some areas of law intersect, and you need a lawyer is knowledgeable in more than one. For instance, if your elderly parent is injured in a nursing home, you need someone who understands Nebraska’s personal injury laws, but also one who knows how to address the needs of the elderly.

Do they belong to the state bar association? – When you hire an attorney, they must belong to the state bar association. You should not hire them if they don’t. If a person has a law degree, they may be knowledgeable and effectual, but they don’t have a professional license, meaning they can’t help you in the courtroom or with other legal formalities. You can check with the following associations to see if an attorney you are considering is a member of the bar:

The Omaha Bar Association can be contacted at:

Phone: (402)280-3607

P.O. Box 11195

Omaha, Nebraska 68111


Nebraska State Bar Association

635 S 14th St #200,

Lincoln, NE 68508

The lawyers listed on are thoroughly vetted, so you can be confident they meet the professional requirements discussed above. We ensure our lawyers in Omaha have the education and accreditations necessary to give you excellent legal representation, but vocational skills alone are not enough.

They Also Need Personal Skills

Your case will have a greater chance of succeeding if you and your attorney have a good rapport. You must feel comfortable talking to your lawyer, and feel comfortable asking questions. You also want to hire an attorney who can give your case the time it deserves.

Our attorneys will:

  1. Listen to your questions and concerns
  2. Be clear about their services and the fees charged
  3. Give you an honest evaluation of your case and be candid if they cannot help you with a problem
  4. Take your phone calls and return your messages in a timely fashion
  5. Handle all communications with defendants and other third parties
  6. Stand up for your rights

Get help today. We have operators online 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help you locate an attorney near your Omaha location. Don’t wait to get legal advice because the sooner you act, the better. Simply fill out some contact information on, and we’ll refer your case to an attorney who’ll contact you as soon as possible. Whether you need a trademark, want to draft a will or need to file a medical malpractice claim, you can find the right representative here.

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