There are multiple resources available to assist you with this and we have outlined two of them for you below.
If you are a parent who is currently residing in Greenville, SC and are seeking child support for your kids from their other parent, there is help available to assist you with this. Sometimes, obtaining the child support you know you are entitled to receive isn’t as easy as one might think. There are times when the child’s other parent contests your order or perhaps you are unable to locate the other parent which makes it much more difficult to pursue them for the financial support you need.
So, if you are dealing with either circumstance or you simply are looking for some advice and guidance as you initiate the child support process, consider taking advantage of the following:

  1. Contacting the SC Department of Social Services Child Support Services Division. This department is available to assist you with any of the following:


  • Help you locate a missing parent. Sometimes, individuals choose to go their separate ways after having a child and no child support agreement is made prior to the separation. Your child’s other parent may have moved to another state and you may be struggling to locate them so that you can begin your child support order. If this is what you are dealing with, this department can help you.


  • Establish paternity. Perhaps you are ready to file the necessary paperwork to initiate a child support order but the other parent is denying being the father. Not only can this be stressful, but also delay the process of getting your order completed.


  • Establish, modify, and enforce support obligations. If a child support order has already been established and you need it to be modified, you can turn to this department for assistance. They can also help you enforce child support obligations if an agreement was made but your child’s other parent refuses to pay.


  • Obtain child support for children. Now, if you are filing for child support for the first time and simply want help as you aren’t sure where to start, consider contacting this department for this.


  1. Retain a family law attorney in Greenville, SC to help you. Although the Child Support Services Division is available to help you with child support-related matters, so is a family law lawyer. The fact is, this department cannot provide you with any legal advice if you are in the midst of a child support battle nor will they walk you step by step through the process to ensure all your paperwork is filled out correctly and submitted in a timely manner. The reality is, child support cases can get ugly and if your child’s other parent hires an attorney of their own, they may find a way of getting out of having to pay you what is rightfully due.

If you have a legal question pertaining to child support or need help filing an application to receive it, contact Greenville, SC family law attorney Linda C. Hayes today.
So, if you have decided it is time to file the initial paperwork to obtain child support or you need additional assistance as you have already have taken that first step, contact a Greenville, SC family law attorney at The Law Office of Linda C. Hayes. Attorney Linda C. Hayes is a caring and compassionate lawyer who understands how difficult times can be, especially when your child’s other parent isn’t paying you the child support you need to take care of your children. Therefore, to get you scheduled for an initial consultation to learn more about how this firm can help you, call them at 864-233-3100.
The Law Office of Linda C. Hayes can be reached at:
870 Cleveland Street, Suite 2D-A
Greenville, SC 29601

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