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Negative  impact of Instagram caused eating disorder and attempted suicide in Kentucky. 

July 27, 2022

Anorexia and suicidal ideation.

Instagram is accused of “causing and contributing to burgeoning mental health crisis perpetrated upon the children and teenagers of the United States.” In one lawsuit filed against the parent company Meta, Kentucky parents allege that Instagram created a “perfect storm” of exposure to harmful content, addiction, and social comparison for their daughter who is 19 years old, but at the time of the exposure she was 12 years old and was encouraged by the platform to open multiple accounts despite her young age.  The young woman exhibited symptoms of anxiety and depression after being exposed to eating disorder-related content on Instagram and she experienced extreme weight loss in 2016, was diagnosed with anorexia and had to be hospitalized.  She also attempted suicide twice in 2019 for which she was hospitalized.  The lawsuit claims that the daughter “was repeatedly bombarded with and exposed to content recommended and/or made available to her by Meta, which increasingly included underweight models, unhealthy eating, and eating disorder content.”

Families who are suffering through mental health issues caused by social media addiction or those who have lost a loved one through suicide due to a negative social media interaction should contact experienced Michigan personal injury lawyers to discuss their concerns and see if they have a case for damages against Facebook, Instagram or other social media platforms.

Parental supervision and/or education of teen users.

Parents and teens using Instagram should set up protections in the platform against inappropriate content, compromised privacy, questionable influencers, cyberbullies and cybercriminals. Parents should pay close attention to users to make certain they are not becoming addicted to the platform.  Instagram includes attractive features to lure users into spending hours on it – from taking the perfect Insta-shots to scrolling through posts and viewing stories.

Social media victim criteria.

To build a case against social media platforms such as Meta, the parent company of Instagram, the victim must have used on or both of Facebook or Instagram, began use before the age of 21, utilizes the platforms for more than 3 hours per day and suffered or suffers from various behavioral health issues including ADD, ADHD, depression and anxiety, and body dysmorphic illness including anorexia and bulimia, but the worst of is suicidal ideation or the act itself.

Lawsuits for social media may be based on improper or non-existent warnings to the dangers posed by their use.  Depending on the harms to your  health, it may be prudent to consult with a Michigan Facebook lawsuit attorney at the Neumann Law Group who can explain when legal action is warranted.

Hire a lawyer.

Michigan personal injury attorneys  at the Neumann Law Group can explain how dangerous social media platforms can be and initiate lawsuits against them, specifically Facebook and Instagram.  Proving negligence may require a variety of witnesses from the behavioral health, medical, technological design, and consumer protection specialties, in addition to collecting scientific evidence supporting associated mental health risks, crises and statistical death numbers related to social media.

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