Losing a loved one is undoubtedly a traumatizing experience. Losing a loved one to something as catastrophic as a truck accident can be even more shocking because of how sudden and unexpected these accidents can be. Anyone who has lost a family member or close relative in a truck accident should reach out to a truck accident attorney as soon as possible to begin the legal process that will hold the guilty party liable for their actions.

When a loved one dies in a truck accident, a person can get compensated for the following reasons:

  • Lost family income
  • Emotional suffering
  • Loss of companionship
  • Loss of employment due to emotional distress

Any form of suffering a person experiences due to the loss of their loved one can be claimed. The more a person suffered, the more compensation they will be entitled to receive.

When should my insurance company be contacted after the accident?

The insurance company should be contacted only after a person has spoken with their lawyer.  A truck accident attorney will guide a person on the required steps they have to take so they can get compensated fairly. Many drivers make the mistake of contacting their insurance company right after the collision. In such cases, the insurer often gives a lower offer then what a person is entitled to. Since most individuals are unaware of their legal rights, they end up falling for this lower offer.

It is very important that a person thoroughly reviews the offer being given to them after the accident before they accept it. Even if an offer has been given, a person can still reject it and come back with a counteroffer if they did not sign any paperwork with the insurer. If no final agreement has been signed, a person can still ask their lawyer to step in and give them a larger settlement. It is not easy to get them to give a larger offer, but it is not impossible, especially if a person is communicating with them through a legal representative.

If a person hires an attorney, they can avoid this situation as their attorney can use legal references to compel the insurer to give a fair settlement amount. If they fail to respond properly then a lawyer can take legal action and bring the insurer to court, compelling them to give the settlement. If matters turn to a court trial the insurer may also be charged more than before because of all the time they wasted unnecessarily prolonging the giving of their settlement.

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