If you travel through Belle Meade, which is only about 20 minutes away from Nashville, you may have noticed some large boxes with blue lights installed on various telephone poles on Harding Pike. While these boxes aren’t being used to track speeding drivers or individuals who made an illegal turn on a red light, they do serve a purpose, and one that may be beneficial to you if you have been involved in an auto accident. According to WSMV, the boxes are actually cameras that “have special technology that can pick out license plate numbers and single out cars involved in serious, even violent, crimes.”
Belle Meade’s police chief, Tim Eads, stated that the cameras are obvious to the public so that they know they are there and can visibly see them. One of the benefits the cameras carry is that police can review the footage when an accident occurred and determine who was at fault for causing it. As you know, this can be extremely helpful, especially in rear-end accidents when the driver in the back wasn’t actually at fault. The cameras can also help officers who find themselves in the middle of a dispute between two drivers who are both claiming they played no role in causing the crash to transpire.
Some of the other features of the cameras include:

  • Locate a wanted vehicle. The news outlet says that if a serious crime were committed in Metro Nashville, police in Belle Meade would be able to type in the tag number of the wanted car and potentially locate it.
  • Police can also use the system when a homicide has occurred, someone is missing, or in the event an elderly individual may have wandered off.
  • The system is also capable of looking up a partial tag, allowing police to scan through the footage manually to see if they find a vehicle that matches up with the one they are looking for.

While many individuals, including residents, are excited about the new cameras, which should already be installed, not everyone shares the same feelings toward them. Apparently, Bellevue’s Councilman Dave Rosenberg “believes the cameras violate personal privacy and civil liberties.” Rosenberg also expressed his concern with the cameras by saying that they might be a potential target for hackers. In a recent statement made by Rosenberg, he said, “the information being stored will allow a hacker to know exactly when a resident is typically away from home so that home may be targeted by thieves.”
Despite Rosenberg’s feelings toward the cameras, they are being installed and are expected to help benefit the community. And because they can help prove fault in an accident, you may want an officer to review the footage if you happened to have been involved in a wreck where a camera was present.
If you were recently involved in a wreck and are being blamed for causing it, contact a Nashville, TN accident lawyer today to help you prove your innocence and get you the compensation you need for the damage that has been caused.
The truth is, after being involved in an auto accident, no one is eager to take all the blame for the collision. And sometimes, there are multiple factors that played a role in causing it. But, if you find you are having difficulty getting an insurance claim paid because you are being blamed for an accident you didn’t cause in Nashville, TN, contact accident attorney George R. Fusner Jr. He can help settle the dispute and get you on your way to receiving the compensation for the medical bills and/or vehicle repairs you might be needing.
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