New Research May Allow Those with Spinal Cord Injury to Walk

METAIRIE and NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana. According to the New York Times, recent scientific advancements hold promise that those with spinal cord injury may be able to walk again. The new technology utilizes a wireless connection to link the brain and spinal cord. In trials using monkeys, primates whose spinal cords had been severed to render one leg immobile were able to walk again in a research setting.
Thanks to advancements in wireless technology, patients may be able to use devices similar to the ones used in research settings in everyday life. Doctors hope that the research can translate into the development of wearable tech that could transmit brain signals to muscles and areas below the spinal cord injury. Researchers say that the technology may become available within the next ten years. However, the scientists on the study are cautious about promising too much. The technology has only been tested on monkeys, and four-legged walking is easier to achieve than the subtleties of two-legged walking. Additional adaptations and advancements in the technology may be required in order to allow patients to walk. The hope is that the technology can be used to improve rehabilitation outcomes and quality of life.
Spinal cord injuries often lead to permanent and life-long disability. According to the Bowling Law Firm, as many as 12,000 new spinal cord injuries occur every year. These injuries can lead to costly and lengthy rehabilitation. Yet, families who are weighing the costs of spinal cord injury rehabilitation often have to balance finances and a loved one’s quality of life. Better rehabilitation services often lead to better outcomes and quality of life. However, these services come at a cost. The Bowling Law Firm are spinal cord injury lawyers who work closely with families affected by spinal cord injury to help them get the compensation, recovery, and care they need and deserve.
Early treatment following spinal cord injury is also important. While spinal cord injury can lead to life-long disability, some patients experience some recovery in the early months after injury takes place. This is why care immediately after the injury can be so costly—and crucial. Technology that could strengthen connections between the spinal cord and the limbs could lead to possible better recovery outcomes.
According to Nature, the researchers are already initiating a trial with two patients who have spinal cord injury. But the technology isn’t likely to be widely accessible for many years. Until then, patients who suffer spinal cord injury often utilize rehabilitation resources close to home. These resources, when applied comprehensively can result in excellent outcomes with regards to quality of life and rehabilitation. If you or a loved one has suffered a spinal cord injury due to an auto accident or due to another person’s negligence, you may have the right to seek compensation to cover your medical expenses and rehabilitative care. Rehab can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars for the most serious injuries. The Bowling Law Firm offers caring counsel to injured individuals in Metairie and New Orleans. Contact us today to learn more.

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