New York City Apartment Building heater causes a fire, killing 9 children and 10 adults.

New York, NY – According to Reuters and other reports, a total of nineteen people were killed, and dozens were injured over the first weekend of the new year. The low-income residency, located in the Bronx, caught fire due to a malfunction in the space heater. The heater caused smoke to spread throughout the building. 

Eric Adams, the newly appointed New York City Mayor, held a press conference to confirm that 32 people have been hospitalized with life-threatening injuries while 60 people were injured in total. The smoke spread was a major cause to injuries. The fire started from a single unit and then spread to the second and third floors of the building. Reports also confirm that the apartment door was left open, hence the smoke spreading to all 120 units of the building.  

About 200 First responders put the fire out and have claimed that the building did not have external fire escapes. Firefighters used their hose lines to push the smoke out of the building while one of them broke a window on an upper floor. CPR was also performed to over 8 people by responders. 

A New York City emergency management company official plans to register residents who were affected by the fire and place them in hotels for an extended period while the building becomes safe again. A local acting school served as the emergency shelter for the residents who escaped, while a few people remain missing.

What to do if your building catches fire 

Fire can bring immense destruction, trauma, and even death. However, with proper preparation and composure, they can be escaped from in a safe and effective manner. If you or someone you love is caught in a fire, it is recommended to do the following: 

  • Reach the fire escapes of the building and head to the safe areas
  • Assist family members who may be vulnerable or limited in mobility. 
  • Call 9/11 once you reach a safe area or if unable to escape. 
  • Open windows to limit smoke pollution
  • Contact health insurance provider
  • Go to the hospital and seek medical care
  • Contact an attorney to check your eligibility at compensation. 

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According to the San Francisco Fire Department, nearly 4,000 Americans die each year in house fires and over 2000 are severely injured. Fortunately, help is available. 

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