Sometimes an insurance company will dispute a person’s claim and sometimes receiving compensation is a very straightforward process. The amount of time it takes for an insurance claim to be settled varies from person to person based on the details of their case. An insurance lawyer can educate a person on their legal standing so they understand what their next legal steps will be and what they can do to speed up the claim process.

If a person tries to file a claim on their own without the help of a legal expert, they will likely make mistakes, and miss deadlines, ultimately resulting in them missing out on receiving their compensation. Making mistakes and failing to submit the right evidence can also lead to a person’s timeline extending and their claim getting delayed.

An insurance company has thirty days to pay the claim or to offer a settlement amount. If they want to deny the claim, they must provide a written statement as to why they don’t intend on providing any settlement. The law requires that insurance companies clearly explain why they are not accepting the claim.

North Carolina has the strictest contributory negligence laws, and this means that it prevents accident victims from receiving damages if they are even partially at fault for the accident. This is vastly different from most other states. Most other states allow victims to receive partial compensation even if they played a part in the fault of their injuries.

North Carolina, reaching out to an insurance lawyer

Anyone who has their claim unfairly denied should reach out to an attorney for assistance. It is a good idea to recruit a lawyer from the very beginning, right after a person gets into a collision. Individuals will need to inform their insurer about the accident and even this initial call to them can have detrimental results if a person does not speak with legal advice in mind.

Anything a person says can be used against them by the insurer to decrease or deny their claim. A lawyer who understands a person’s rights thoroughly and who can better analyze the original insurance policy can let a person know about where they stand in their claim. They can also speak with the insurer on a person’s behalf and present evidence to prove their point, so the insurer complies with their needs.

If the insurer fails to respond in a just manner, a person may even be able to escalate matters and take the insurance company to court. The judge can then compel the insurer to pay the due amounts since insurers are expected to act in good faith, to begin with.

Filing an insurance claim is a delicate process and anyone who wants to increase their chances of a fair settlement should reach out to an attorney for help.

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