New Jersey Based Nursing Home Under Scanner for Alleged Abuse

A nursing home in New Jersey is under investigation for allegations of nursing home abuse, as reported by The nursing home is based in South Jersey and one of their licensed nurses was forced to resign when she attempted to raise an alarm bells that the residents in the nursing home were being abused.

The nurse who was made to quit is Nikki Thompson who used to work at the Voorhees Center nursing home, which is the facility facing the allegations. She had worked at the nursing home for as many as eight years and when she finally expressed her concerns over the abuse which was transpiring on a daily basis at the nursing home, she was made to leave.

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The allegations really caught the attention of the media when pictures surfaced showing an 85 year old resident of the facility restrained to her wheel chair with a thick piece of cloth around her waist, binding her to the chair. Furthermore, Thompson claims that once she complained about the ongoing abuse at the nursing home, not only was she forced to quit her position as a care giver, but was also sent a letter which stated, and we quote “snitches get stitches”.

Whomever sent this has been watching The Wire and has taken the dark side with it.

According to stellar nursing home abuse lawyers in Jersey City, NJ, these are typical cases of abuse that are often not reported.

As per the nursing home, the worker who allegedly tied up the 85 year old demented woman to her wheel chair no longer works at the nursing home. This person should no longer work anywhere.

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This is not the sole incident of abuse which has come to light. Supposedly, a 73 year old man who suffers from Alzheimer’s was also victim of similar abuse.

NIkki Thompson and her legal pro have confirmed that they are in the process of filing a civil lawsuit against the nursing home and its owner Genesis Healthcare. Jersey City, NJ nursing home abuse attorneys believe there is no other way to make this right.

Nurse’s License Stripped Following Accusations of Patient Abuse

A nurse from Bergen County has been fired by her employer and also stripped of her license to practice by the state after she was caught physically assaulting a patient at the patients home on video, according to a report.

The victim in question is a young man who is bed ridden and ventilator dependent. The mother of the young man noticed scratches on his face and setup a video camera in the room to confirm her suspicions.

The video footage clearly shows the nurse, identified as 63 year old Dorothea Harvilik, slap the patient, which is the best possible evidence that can help nail the culprits, explain New Jersey nursing home abuse lawyers.

The fact is that nursing home abuse occurs more often than one would think, and it is always wise to be aware and mindful of the fact that it can happen to any loved one. If you suspect that your loved one could be the victim of abuse in a nursing home then we strongly suggest that you reach out to a notable New Jersey nursing home abuse lawyer before it is too late.

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