New Mexico Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys and Law Firms

 When our elderly loved ones become ill or require medical attention we cannot provide, we trust nursing home facilities to offer the level of attention and treatment they deserve and need. Unfortunately, though, there are times when a nursing home is far from safe. Statistics show that nursing home abuse is prevalent in New Mexico, yet less than 30% of cases are reported.

If you believe that your loved one was subjected to any kind of negligent treatment, physical, emotional or sexual abuse, you have the right to seek legal counsel to hold those responsible for the abuse accountable for their actions and we are here to help. Turn to one of our experienced New Mexico nursing home abuse lawyers today to file a case and put an end to the mistreatment your loved one has been facing.

Warning Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

Although many cases of nursing home abuse and neglect go unreported, there are certain warning signs that can be indicative of mistreatment or negligence.  If you have witnessed any of the following, turn to one of our nursing home abuse attorneys in New Mexico right away for assistance:

  • Unsanitary nursing home conditions
  • Unusual or sudden changes in your loved one’s behavior
  • Unexplained injuries, wounds or bruises
  • Rapid weight loss or gain
  • Bed sores or ulcers
  • Your loved one is fearful of staff members
  • Unexplained and sudden death

Although residents have a right to a safe nursing home environment, many residents are unable to defend themselves when attacked by staff or other abusers and are often threatened unless they keep quiet. As a loved one, you have the power to put their suffering to an end.  If you have witnessed any signs of abuse or neglect, you have a right to legal counsel. Contact one of our trusted New Mexico nursing home abuse lawyers today to file a case and protect your loved one’s rights.


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