Some Nursing Home Arbitration Clauses can Cause a Lot of Problems

(Los Angeles, CA) – November 22nd, 2016 – The subject matter here is something which is going to have a profound impact on senior citizens, all nursing home residents living in nursing homes across the nation, and federal regulatory changes with respect to nursing home operations, according to a report.

As per leading nursing home abuse lawyers in Los Angeles, CA, several adults, and their children have obliviously signed into a process which essentially gives businesses an upper hand over consumers. They have literally given away constitutional rights, albeit unknowingly.

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Had they made the right decision, they would still have the rights to resolve their grievances by a civil jury instead of finding themselves in the situation that they are in now which is binding arbitration and California nursing home abuse attorneys will have you know that these arbitration clauses are nothing but problematic.

Just the previous month, new regulations were passed into effect by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services which essentially dictated that all nursing home across the country which receive funds through Medicaid and Medicare programs are now restricted from needing patients to agree to arbitrate any legal claims against the nursing home at any time before a dispute arises or as a condition of admission.

CMS is a US federal agency and a part of the US Department of Health and Human Services which will soon be probably run much better under the new administration but that is another topic. They give financial support to as many as 1.5 million nursing home residents across the country and host as many as 15,000 long term nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities under their wing.

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CMS Director and CMS acting administrator, namely, Kate Goodrich and Andy Slavitt, have made verbal comments about the changes and new arbitration clauses saying that these are integral amendments which they foresee will help CMS in delivering superior quality health care for millions and will also serve to ensure that health care dollars are spent in a wise way which will both eventually lead to higher quality standards of healthcare and also improved long term care facilities.

An association known as the American Association of Justice which is comprises of trial lawyers have made diligent efforts prior to the implementation of these revolutionary changes. These changes were very much required considering the widespread usage of arbitrary clauses in nursing home all across the country.

How the changes will play out, and whether or not it will actually be effective in negating the consequences of arbitrary clauses is something we will have to wait and see play out say nursing home abuse lawyers in Los Angeles, CA. is your source for any type of legal assistance

If you suspect that your loved one is being abused or exploited in a nursing home then you need to act quickly. Nursing home abuse happens a lot more often than one would imagine. We highly recommend that you speak with an experienced California nursing home abuse lawyer as soon as possible to ensure your relative is in safe, caring hands, and is not going to fall victim to any type of abuse.

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