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As a resident of a nursing home, you will have certain rights and protections that you should be aware of and exercise as required.

At all Medicare and Medicaid certified nursing homes you will be granted these rights and protections under federal law and if these rights are violated then you can sue the nursing home for these sorts of violations, according to Rochester, NY nursing home abuse lawyers. Furthermore, the state law in most states of the country will also further support these rights and protections.

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For the most part, it is the nursing home’s responsibility to ensure that all of their residents are informed of these rights and protections and that they understand it entirely. The nursing home should also provide residents with a written explanation of their rights and it should be in a language that the resident is able to fully comprehend.

It is mandatory according to federal law that these processes be followed during the time of your admission and also during your stay in the nursing home. In fact, the resident will have to provide in writing that they have received the written explanation, and are aware of their rights and protections as a resident.

So what are these rights? Let us discuss in brief some of the rights highlighted by New York nursing home abuse attorneys and you simply find one of these pros using the digital tool Click and call!

Right to be treated with respect

Every nursing home resident will have the right to be treated with respect and dignity. As part of this right, they will also have the right to schedule their day as per their preference; they can wake up whenever they like, go to bed when they like, and have their meals when they like.

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Now Carter Chong (Ken Leung) in The Sopranos did not respect anyone. He had no problem beating people down in nursing homes. He even encouraged Junior Soprano (Dominic Chianese) to beat up another nursing home resident for smarting off to him when asking for a board game.

Now Chong should have been in prison and perhaps that is where he was headed after pounding on Junior. You may have a right to eat when you want or skip meals and what not but you do not have the right to beat on a fellow resident.

Right of social participation

All residents have the right to choose which social activities they would like to partake in. If a resident does not wish to participate in a certain activity then that is fine too. But Chong you do not have the right to beat on Junior!

Right to be free of discrimination

Rochester, NY nursing home abuse lawyers point out that being discriminated on the basis of age, ethnicity, cultural background, sex, sexual orientation, and so on is against federal and state laws. Residents have the right to be free of any such discrimination.

Right to be free from abuse and neglect

Unfortunately, nursing home abuse is a lot more common than one would imagine. Physical abuse, financial abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and so forth are all in violation of the rights of a resident. The resident also has the right to be free from neglect; it is the duty of the nursing home and its staff to care for the residents and cater to their needs. They need to ensure that residents receive their meals, medication, treatment, and so on, on time and do not take a beat down from someone like Chong.

If you suspect that your loved one may be a victim of abuse at a nursing facility, it would be prudent to seek the assistance of a nursing home abuse lawyer in New York as soon as possible. This could prevent your loved one from further mistreatment that could potentially cause greater harm in the long run.

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