Texas Nursing Home Hit with Lawsuit after Resident’s Death

Infectious Diseases in Nursing Homes 300x200 Texas Nursing Home Hit with Lawsuit after Resident’s DeathAustin, TX- To most of us a fall is no big deal, we may feel a little embarrassed, but generally don’t suffer a major injury. But to an infirm elderly person or resident of a nursing home, a fall is a big deal and can lead to a serious injury and, in some cases, can hasten a person’s death. A recent incident in Texas nursing home serves as an example of the deadly consequences of a fall.

The family of a woman who died after she fell and struck hear head at the Cottonwood Creek Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Austin, Texas, filed a suit this week alleging that negligence caused her death, KXAN reported.

Joe Ann McCullough had only been at the Cottonwood Creek facility for a few days before she fell, striking her head and face and breaking her hip. She died several days after the accident of complications associated with her fall, KXAN reported.

In their lawsuit, McCullough’s family stated that the facility and its parent company should have been aware that their lack of adequate staff posed dangers to the residents, according to KXAN.

The lawsuit accuses the corporation running the facility of neglecting resident care “to maximize revenues and profits while at the same time reducing costs.” The family is seeking an unspecified amount in damages.

In 2013, researchers from Simon Frazer University in Vancouver, British Columbia, conducted a study in which they looked at what types of injuries are more common when a resident falls in a nursing home. They found that in 37 percent of falls, the resident struck their head. Additionally, even though they moved to cushion the fall by using their hands or arm, the majority of residents were still unable to avoid hitting their heads on the floor. For a person of any age, a head injury can be debilitating.

A nursing home fall can happen for any number of reasons and is not always the result of negligence. Sometimes they just can’t be avoided, some fall are just accidents. But oftentimes when a resident falls, it is because they aren’t getting the assistance they need. In some cases, residents fall from wheelchairs or mechanical lifts.

If you are your loved one has been injured from a fall in a nursing home due to neglect, USAttorneys suggest you speak with a nursing home abuse attorney and figure out what steps you need to take next. If you plan to pursue compensation, an attorney’s guidance is critical to the success of your case.

For a family, the knowledge that their elderly loved one is suffering, is in pain or died as a result an operator’s or staff member’s negligence or maliciousness is unbearable. They are understandable outraged and want to seek justice. With a nursing home abuse attorney on their side, a resident and their family will have a strong and convincing injury claim that ensures they get the maximum amount of compensation they deserve.

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