Accidents can happen at any given time. They can happen on the roadway, at a daycare, and even in a nursing home. Unfortunately, accidents seem to be occurring more frequently in healthcare settings as more and more stress is being placed on medical workers amid the COVID-19 outbreak. USA Today recently reported on an accident that occurred in a nursing home designated for veterans.

The source said that after 91-year-old Korean War veteran Tom Mastropietro was diagnosed with COVID-19, his family was notified two days later that he had made a “miraculous rebound.” The staff at the facility said that he no longer had a fever and was able to eat breakfast and walk to the bathroom. After learning this, Steve Mastropietro told the source that he was stunned but happy. Steve said that his father “looked like hell that last time [he] saw him” and he thought he had turned a corner.”

Four hours after receiving the news, Mastropietro received another call from the nursing home staff, this time, informing him that a mistake had been made and that his father had died hours earlier. Steve Mastropietro learned that “his father and another patient were given the wrong identification bands amid the chaos that had overtaken the nursing home in recent weeks as coronavirus tore through the facility, infecting dozens of residents and staff.”

The news source went on to share that Tom’s body had even been taken to the other man’s funeral home to be prepared for cremation the next although “Tom’s wishes were for him to be buried next to his wife.” A funeral home worker was the one who noticed that the body had two medical bracelets with different names.


What other types of errors are being made in nursing homes as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak?


Although this incident occurred in a New Jersey nursing home, the mistake could have been made anywhere. It for this reason and many others that you check in on a loved one(s) who is living in a nursing home in Fort Walton Beach, FL regularly to ensure they are being properly cared for and that their needs are being met. If you suspect your loved one has been or is being harmed while under nursing home staff supervision, contact The Browning Law Firm to speak with one of our trusted Fort Walton Beach, FL personal injury attorneys.

In the event your loved one passed away while living in a nursing home in Florida and you believe their death could have been prevented, our FL personal injury lawyers may be able to help you to obtain the justice you are seeking.


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