Baton Rouge, LA – Individuals who stay in nursing homes for extended periods of time can start to develop psychological and mental health issues, in addition to physical problems with mobility. This is often due to the inability to live a normal life without various forms of assistance to get around and complete basic tasks. In some cases these emotional issues can become more serious and result in physical health problems as well. When someone is hurt while staying in a nursing home, it is possible to retain legal counsel and file a civil case against the facility and its administration. 

Issues that are most likely to affect the elderly 

According to the World Health Organization, there are a number of special circumstances that can cause the elderly to develop issues and affect their mental state. One of the most significant of these problems is related to declining function and the mental awareness of these gradual losses over time. The phenomenon of elderly individuals losing memory, thinking skills, and experiencing sudden changes in behavior is well documented. Long periods of isolation can make these kinds of conditions even worse and cause accidents.  

Nursing home staff, visitors, and administration

Poor treatment from staff and visitors in a nursing home is another contributing factor. These external stressors can be problematic if an individual is already in a weakened mental state. There have been known issues with some administrators in these homes overlooking problems that can seriously affect individuals under their care. Staff members who are in charge of operating a nursing home can face fines, citations, and negative publicity if information about these issues becomes widely known to the public.  

Treatment methods

Some facilities have developed special treatment protocols to assist those who are most at risk of problems associated with deteriorating mental and physical function. Over time, these programs help patients develop a greater sense of security and comfort in their surroundings. Treatments often emphasize both physical and mental well being while creating a sense of community.   

In recent years, there have been coordinated efforts by healthcare organizations and facilities to minimize the damage caused by improper treatment in nursing homes. This includes making help more accessible to those who may need it, restructuring facilities that are in financial need or utilizing dated practices, and providing various outlets for social support. The leadership of each facility is also crucial for this process and implementing changes.

Nursing home problems can require intervention from a legal professional

Issues that are left untreated can cause significant health complications in the elderly. Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf assist clients and their families when nursing home issues turn into more serious matters. 

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