One of the most important steps of any criminal defense proceeding is to make sure that a person chooses the right attorney to represent them in their case. If a person fails to have the right lawyer assisting them through the court process, then they can lose their case and be compelled to face unnecessary charges.

To make sure a person is hiring the best lawyer for their case; they should keep their eyes open for the following characteristics in the attorney they are considering working with:

  • Experience with the law
  • Experience defending the charges faced
  • Experience in both state and federal court
  • Proper Education
  • Good communication skills
  • Ample availability
  • Reasonable rates

A person should speak with their potential attorney about getting help with scenario planning, evaluating their options, and risk assessment. The best characteristic an attorney can have is to be an attentive listener. If a person finds a lawyer who can communicate clearly and who attentively listens to their problems and gives them reasonable responses, then they should seriously consider working with them.

When a person is charged for a significant crime then it can become exceedingly difficult to sleep at night and a person will often have many different questions and many different scenarios running through their mind. A person must have an attorney who is qualified enough to talk them through each scenario and help them come to a conclusion that gives them hope and is practical to achieve.

Knowing one’s rights while being arrested in Orlando, Florida

A person should know that they still do have rights even when they are being arrested for a serious crime. They have the right to remain silent, the right to stop answering the officer’s questions apart from giving identification, and most importantly, the right to have an attorney represent them. It is important to note that officers do have the right to request a person’s blood, urine, or breath samples and a person should not refuse to give them as their refusal can work against their favor in court.

A person has the right to consult their lawyer and to have their lawyer present while questioning is occurring. A person also has the right to have the state provide them with a proper attorney if they are currently unable to afford one. Though it is nice to get legal aid from the state, it is a better idea to hire a private attorney as they generally have a lot more time and more access to better resources.

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