The owner of a bridal shop in Mentor, Ohio has joined a class-action lawsuit targeting insurance companies that have denied business interruption claims related to COVID-19 losses. After Bridal Expression filed a business disruption claim with its insurer, Owners Insurance Company, and had it denied, the company owner turned to a lawyer for help. The bridal shop teamed up with other business owners going through a similar struggle and decided to pursue legal action.

One of the attorneys hired to represent the business owners named in the class-action lawsuit told News 5 Cleveland that businesses all across the nation have been paying for costly insurance policies for years. These policies were expected to “protect them from losses exactly like those they are currently enduring.” The attorney went on to explain that the business insurance these individuals purchased was an “additional expense they would have preferred not to carry but felt a responsibility to do so.” For insurance companies to now say these business owners cannot obtain the coverage they have been paying for is “unethical and abhorrent,” says the attorney.

So far, there are six lawsuits included in the class-action suit and each is claiming “that the businesses purchased special property insurance coverage to protect against business interruptions or disruptions outside of their control.” The policies were said to have included business income coverage, which would provide them with financial relief for “losses due to necessary suspension of operations.” In addition to Owners Insurance Company being named as a defendant in the lawsuit, Aspen American Insurance, Auto-Owners Insurance, Lloyd’s of London, Society Insurance, Oregon Mutual Insurance, and Topa Insurance Company were named as defendants as well.


Should I sue my insurance company for denying my business interruption claim?


If your policy provides you with coverage for business disruption or forced closures, yet your claim was denied, you should talk with an Ohio insurance claims denial lawyer to find out what your next steps should be. Although many business owners in Ohio have filed a lawsuit against their insurer, there may be a way to resolve the issue without having to take the matter to court.

While some policies explicitly state that viruses, bacteria, and pandemics are excluded, there is a large percentage of policies that do not. If your policy does not stipulate these as exclusions, then an Ohio insurance claim denial attorney may be able to come to some sort of agreement with your insurer so that you are able to obtain the financial relief you are seeking. In the event your insurer is not willing to work with you, then it may be time to discuss filing a lawsuit. If you are ready to get connected with some of the best insurance claims denial lawyers in Ohio, contact now.

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